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Image 256, seventh book, Folio 135b, two unnumbered receipts

An excellent watter for sore eyes
Take of the iuce* of Sallandine** the iuce of Haye-
maid otherwise called halhouse or ground Ivie*
and the iuce of dayses* leaves of each of these
iuces a quarter of a pint when it is strained
from the herbs being pounded first and a peny
worth of sugger and halfe a pint of white rosse
water then put in the iuyces* the rosewatters and
the sugger being finly powdered in to a glase* all-
to gether and shake them in the glase and keep
it close stoped and when you us it you must
pore out a little and drope it into the sore eye
Mother Johnsons receite for any
Itching umer* or for Leprosy or
such like diseases
Take a pound of butter, a little Lemon pill*, halfe a ha
a handfull of houselicke* and a little sage, halfe
a handfull of hendonge*, boyle all the as much
allom* as a wallnut in bignesse you may beat
it small, a spoonfull of flower of brimstone*, a
sponfull of ginger small beaten, put all these
things into a posnet* with the butter and lett
them boyle together till halfe the butter be
consumed then straine it through a cloth
into a pinte of tare* and so lett it simper** on houre
on a soft fier stiring it in the boyling before the
straining and after till it be allmost coold
when you us it, you must take some of it and
anoynt the place well with it by the fier and
chainge not your linine* next you in a fortnight
at sonnest* and after you are well you must
inoynt* your selfe a fortnight at least, keep it
close covered

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN