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Image 254, seventh book, folio 134b, three unnumbered receipts

For any rednesse or an ague
Take tow new layd eggs put the whits from
the yolks and stire the yolks a bout in a porrin-
ger* an houre till they be thike then tak three
sponfuls of the best oyle of rosses* and three
sponful of rosse vineger mingell them
together and put to the yealk drope after drop
till all be in stire it all the whill then sprede
it on a linnine cloth and lay it to the place
A very good oyntment for
the itch or scurfe on a
mans body
Take a pound of fresh butter out of the cherne
three pennyworth of the flower of brimstone*
a handfull of wormwood pound it and straine
out the ioyce* and straine it and put it into
the butter and boyle them together on a soft
fire a prety whille then take it of and put
in the brimston and an oune* of ginger finly
powdered and a nuttmegg powdered by little
and little till all be in and stire it well
all the while you put in the powders and
untill it could then anoynt the party
three severall nights by a warme fire and
when you drese them put on cleane sheets
and a clean shirt or smocke and let them
not shift themselvs for a fortnight at least
Ane excelent sercloth* for any
swelling carbucle or
Take a pound of red lead and a pint of good
sallet oyle and half a pound of rossen* boyle
them all together over a small fire when you
take it of put into it a pennyworth of soft
red wax and stire it both in the boyling well
and after you have put in the wax and spred
on Leather or make sercloths with som of it the
rest make into rolls;

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN