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Image 254, seventh book, folio 134a, three unnumbered receipts

A receit that was taught the .fo. 134
Lady smith for an ulcer in her
Take a new layd egge and breake it at the
tope and pore a way all the white cleane
from the yolke and then take the quantity of
an nutmege of pure lite hony and mingle it
well with the yelke in the shell and then supe it up
raw every morning fasting and by gods grace you
shall have helpe
An excellent purg all most for all
disseasses learned of Docter
Take .3. ounces of Borage or Buglase* watter, put therein a
dram of Scena* and .30. graines of cremore tartarise,* first
dissolved in .30.ti drops of the Juice of Lemonds: let it stand .20.ti
howers close covered by the fire, or in the sun pretty warme: take
of this .2. or .3. spoonefulls sweetened with sugger or sugger Can-
dy, in six spoonefulls of broth before dinner, or els fasting in
the morneing;
An excelent watter to cuer* any
canker learned of goodman*
Take one handfull of egremony* a handfull of bettony
one handfull of rede sage on handfull of hearbgrace*
one handfull of unset ? hyssope a handfull of penyrioll*
one handfull of honysoucle leaves on handfull of hassell*
nut leaves on handfull of rosmary tops on handfull of
bramble leaves on quarte of hony a peece of roch allom*
Picke these hearbes every sort by themselves and lay
them by them selves take tow gallons of the best stronge
alle* and boyle the hearbs and alle together over a char
coll* fire untill the third part be boyled a way then put
in the hony and the allom stire it somtims a bout
and when it is boyled inough take it of and let it
stand till it be could then straine it through a clean
cloth and let the patient wash his or her mouth and
gargle it well in the throte and it is very good to wash
any sore with

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN