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Image 252, seventh book, folio 133b, three unnumbered receipts

An excellent watter for to take
a way the morphew* or any
staines of the skine learned
of mr John Young
Take halfe a pinte of the spirite of sacke*
and half an ounce of white bengamine*
and quarter of an ounce of Storax* beat
both to powder and put them into the glase
to the sacke the powder must be and set the
glase with the ingredients in it, into a scillet*
of watter, over the fier and let it boyle till it
be of the coller of maligo Sack* and then it
is right, take a little of it and put it into
a pint of faire watter or there a bout and
it will turne it white with this wash hands
face or neck and it will fetch a way any
staine and make it smooth and faire
A receite for the greene sicknesse*
and for many other diseases
learned of mr Young
Take tow gallons of small beare* and put
into it halfe a pecke of the tops of the pine
tree and boyle it halfe a way and then drinke
it in the morning fasting,* 9.or.10. dayes and
it will help you. Probatum est*
An excelent dr watter for a surfite
or to drive any thing form* the
harte when on* is opresed
with any sicknesse
Take a potle of good sack lees and halfe a pecke
or poppye at least of red weed that is called corne rose*
and groeth all ways a mungst the corne and
a good handfull of mader* that grows a mongst
the corne and a good handfull of Angellica leaves
and a good hand- and stalks and shred them pretty small both the
full of pimpernell mader and Angellyca and then take some of the
poppy and cut of the blacke ends to steepe in the
watter after it is stilled but you must take the
that is un cut
poppy mader and Angellica and mingle them with
the sacke lees and so still them in a coald still as you
still roses in and then put in the cut poppy leaves to
steep ??? in it

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN