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Image 238, seventh book, Folio 125b; two unnumbered receipts

An excelent plaster for Aches
aproved by my selfe and others
and to stope any humer
for falling to any sore
Take die palmie* a salve you may have at
the potticaries* and melt it in some brase
ladle and put into it a little norue oyle*
and oyle of spike* mingled together to the die Palmie
and melt them well together in the ladle
and so lay it to the ache or humer it must
be spred on cloth or leather
If it should troble the sore or that it
burne or troble you then take unguen-
tum album* and norue oyle and mingle
them together and anoynt the place with
it and then lay on the plaster with one the
paind or sore place,
The Lady Temples receite
for the running of the reignes*
Take of seed pearle* seeds 4d
thicke white Amber* 4d
White Sanders* 4d
Cinnamon 2d
Bole Armonick* 2d
potatoe*[*] roots 2d
Dragone blood* 2d
then take every morning as much as will lye
one a .6.d* and put it in your mouth and take
and so swallow it if you cane then take a little
wine glase full of white wine and put in some
rose mary and a little suger and let it stipe* a while
and drinke it when you take the powder and that
will washe it down, this is a sertaine and sure

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