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Image 237, seventh book, folio 125a, receipt contd from 124b and three others

the Pelechie* commeth forth of a disseased, let him be folded in
the same remedie very hotte, and in twenty foure houres yee* shall be
holpe*, if yee be first well purged: for this is a great secret which
I have revealed. this word Pelechie, is (as it were certaine
spots) like those which we call Gods tokens*, the which com-
monly com to those that have the pestilent Fever.
To make a maturitive Plaster* of great
vertue, this maturative doth open an im-
postume*without instrument and paine:
And the order to make it is this.
Take the yolkes of Eggs, two ounces, white salt finly
ground, one ounce, hennes dung that is liquide and
red like hony, one ounce: Mixe all these well together
without fire, and when you will bring an impostum
to superation*, and breake it, lay on this plaster morn-
ing and evening, a little and in short time it will
draw forth the impostume and breake it and heale it
with out any other helpe, keep this as a secret.
For the Quartaine Ague* which taketh
one every third day with a sore fitte.
Take parcelie*the roots and all, wash it faire and cleane,
and take out the pith in the middes, and then stampe*
it well and put there to new laid egges, and halfe a pound
of hogges blood, seasoned with salt, and take a henne and
stuffe her therewith, and then bake her in a pye, and let
the patient eate thereof, for it taketh a way the quartin
argue or fever by little and little, and doth comfort the
heart, and doth provoke good appitite. Probatum est*
An other aproved Medicene for
this disease
Take Camomill, and or sentorie*, stampe them, and
drinke them with wine: for these two hearbs hath
often holpen* this kind of Ague. Probatum est

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Transcribed by JW and LF