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Image 236, seventh book, folio 124b, three unnumbered receipts

My Lady Windoms receit
for clenseing the blood and
stoping at the stomacke and
for the green sicknesse*
Take of Aloes Succatrina, Sinnamon,and Myrrhe,*
of each a dramme, Cloves, Mace, Lignum Aloes, Masticke*
Bolearmoniacke*, of each a dramme, beat these severally
by themselves, take a pennyworth of Saffron and add to
these: when they be beaten very firme Searce*them through
a fine clothe and so take a sixpeny weight every morning at a time
with a little white wine, mixe it in a spoone and take it
This powder must be taken every other day and
the next day you must give her a wine glas of
white wine wherine halfe an Orring* rind and
all hath bine* steeped in all night and then let
her us* exercise or walke but that day she takes
the powder she must keepe her selfe Warme
A composition of great vertue
against all ulceres, and sores.
Take oyle of vitrioll* that is perfect, as much as you
will, and put it in a glasse, with as much oyle of
tarter made by dissolution, and so let it stand ten
dayes: then take on scruple* of that, and one ounce of pure
aquavite, and mixe them together, and therewith
wash the hollow ulsers, and they will heale in short
time. It helpeth any crude kind of scabbe or sore that
is caused of the evill quality or nature.
To make a Desolutive plaster of great vertue
this plaister is to Deisolve tumours and hardnesse,
if it be laid thereon very hotte, and when it is
cold, to lay on another, and this you shall doe
till the hardnesse be resolved: and it is made
in this order
Take common ashes, that are well burnt and white, and
finely searced*, one pound, Clay beaten in fine powder, halfe
a pound, carab* one ounce, mixe all these in an earthen dish on
the fire, with oyle of rosses, in form of a liquid unguent, and that
yee shall lay uppon the place greeved*, as hotte as the patient
can suffer it, and chainge it morning and evening, and yee
shall se it worke a marvillous effect. More over, when

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