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Image 235, seventh book, folio 124a, three unnumbered receipts

A medison for a tetter*
or ringworm.
Take some mustard and sallet oyell and
som brimston* and mingle them well to-
gether and so anoynt the sore place with it
the brimston must be beaten into powder and
Also take rape oyle and white wine vinneger
and beat them well together till it be a thicke
oyle and then anoynt the head or any place
where the tetter or scurfe is
For the whits* a deaseas incident
to women
Take an ounce of Turpintine and wash it
.3. or .4. times in plantin watter or redrosse
watter then mingle it with .2. ounces of c
concerve* of red roses and half an ounce of whit
sanders* and when you have mingled it very
well then take as much as the quantity of a
nutmeg at night when you goe to bed and
the next morning so much more and then
rest a day and take it a gaine and so do e-
very other day till you are well which will
be in short time
For the head ach and swelling
in the head necke and throte
Take a pritty quantity of whit wine vinneger the best
you can get and an nutmege grated and put
them together and boyle them till they be
thicke like a salve and then spread it on the
brownest paper you can get and lay it on your
neck both behind and all about wher your paine
is. this have bine proved by one that hath bin grive-
ouse afflicted with swellings in her face and
head and necke and hath holpe* her.

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