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Image 232, seventh book, folio 122b, two unnumbered receipts.

An aproved medison for
any itch whatsoever
and scabs, of Mrs
Take a quart of creame and put it in a brase
pan or skillet and lett it stand in it till the
brase thing be all blew which wilbe in terme
or a seven dayes then put into the cream, a-
a pennyworth quarter of a handfull of bay leaves of the tops
of ether* of the of bayes and as much wormwood as much
stavsaker* and houslick** and as much red rose leaves, chope
brimston* the earbs prity small then put thm into
the cream with a little stavsaker and as
much brimstone both beaten small and
being stird together sett it before or on
a soft fier and it will turne to an oyle
which you must poure from the hearbs
as it riseth and so keep it for your use
and you must rube the sore place wth
the hearbs as long as they last and after wards
with the oyle;
A speciall medison for one that
cannot make watter learned
of Mrs Easson
Take a pint of posset* all mad with alle**
and set it on the fier and put in as much
as a nutmegg of allom*, and as much of the
root of saxafrage* and grate it and put it
into the possett ale and boyle it altogether
and lett the patient drinke a good draught
and when he is drye after wards lett him
drinke the newest ale he can gett if it be out
of the fate before it be tund* it is the better

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Transcribed by LF and JW