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Image 231, seventh book, folio 122a, two unnumbered receipts

An other drinke mrs Bruse
made for them that had
the Eresipilas*
Take a quarter of a handfull of bloodworte,* liverworte,
motherworte mugworte, wood sorrill,* rew**, red sage, har
harts tounge, tamarise*, ribworte, penyroyall, mother of
time*, the leaves of Jerusalem Cowslips*, and half a whit=
lilly root, and a few dryed acorns and half an ounce of
Aniseeds, and a much licorish, and half a pound of
reasons of the sonn* stond**, put all these things into
a pottle of faire watter and lett them boyle a while
and then put in a quart of alle and so lett it boyle
a way a quart, and then lett the the patient drincke a
good draught in the morninge fasting and fast tow
houres after and an other at night when they goe to
The Lady windoms* receit to Take
a way the rednese of the poxe
after they be gon and the maner
of keeping of them that are sicke
of them
First you must give the party you suspect to
have them safforne* and marygould flowers boyled
in posset alle or some Gaskon* powder if you have
it to bringe them out, and when they are come en
throughly forth at the end of nine days or before
wash ther faces with salt beefe broth but you must
make a maske of the best collered* red cloth you can
gett and lett them ever were it for the ayer* make
them pitt, then to fetch a way the red spots of the
face take a lompe of brinston* and som red rosse
watter and putt the watter into a roufe* earthen
pane* that is not nealed** and rube the brimstone
in the rose watter till it com white or froth then
let it stand a while and poore out the clearest into
a glas and let the sicke of the poxe take the bottom
that is in the eart earthen pan and lay it on ther face
and so lett it lye all night and in the morninge
wash it of wth the clear watter you powred from
out of the earthen pane

Note: Folios 118-121 are missing, presumably from when the volume was rebound in the 19th century

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

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Transcribed by JW and LF