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Image 230, seventh book, folio 117b, four receipts

Dredge Powder
R: Licorise scraps :oz ij orris oz ij Cinamon oz ij white
sugar Candy oz iiij Annyseeds and Fennell & Carraway*
seeds Comfited* a like quantity 3 : oz: iij oringadoe* oz j and
a halfe mingle them and according to art make a powder
To make hayres fall away
R: Horsleeches* Dryed & made into a powder then take
Ashes and mingle with this powder put this on the
place and the hayre will growe now more
For ulcers in the yard*:
T. Lerther Aure pimphol* ana* oz :Champhire verdigrease*
ana oz ij oyle & yellow wax ana 2 oz : Axang[?] part oz 8
melt dispinnati* oz iiij the oyle wax and hogg grease must
boyle together then ad the powder and boyle it till it
be come redd soe make a plaster it is to be used twice
a day
Purging Syrop for upwards and downwards
A note of Captaine greens watter wth which
he did marvilouse great quers* for eyes seatia
and other grate wonds
Take a quart of hony more or lese as your still will
hould and a good handfull or tow* of plantine leavs and
put the hony and leavs in the still* and so still them wth
a moderatt fier and wth the watter coms from it you
must wash the wound and get a peece of lead beaten
as thine as paper and so lay it on the sore, and if your
eyes be sore drope som of the watter in them, often proved
a very good plaster to drawe back rume*
from the eyes eyes
Take resons of the soon* and stone them and a little
burgony pitch* and a little Comminseed* and beat them
well together and spred it on a plaster the bignes* of
the palm of a childs hand and then clap on it a peece
[???]d the paper of brown paper and soe it rownd a bout the plaster
[???]n next your neck then cutt a way the haire in the nape of the neck and lay the

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