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Image 229, seventh book, folio 117a, four unnumbered receipts

To take away spotts out of any cloth
T: of soda which is the Ash that comes out of Spayne whereof
they make glasses boyle it in a new pot with : 6 : pyntes of water
for a litle while then take ℥ iij of Tartar and boyle it likewise
for another Quarter of an hower then take the Gaule* of an
Oxe let that boyle as longe alwayes stirring it with a
sticke take it from the fier and add to it a handfull of
salt boyle these to a consistence to make balls dry them
and with warme water use them
An oyntment of ye Lord Edward Dennis* good
for many Diseases:
T. of May butter* : 6 : pound oyle: 3 oz hoggs grease : 4 : pound
rosen* and Turpentyne a like quantity one pound frankinsense
halfe a pound Southernwood and Purslayne Comfrey Sorrell*
birtch leaves loungworth* Margerom a like quantity : 2 :
handfulls bruise these herbs being well washed and dryed
then beate the rossin* and frankincense by themselves
melt them too then put the butter in the hoggs grease and
the oyle and when all shalbe well melted put in the
heabs herbs and the let them all boyle halfe an hower
or lesse take it from the fyer and put in the Turpentyne
and one ounce of Verdigrease* in fine powder stirring
it that it may not goe over then put them them put
them into an earthen pot well closed and lay it for
20 : dayes in horsedunge then take it out and make it
boyle agayne for a quarter of an hower strayne it
through a linnen Cloth and add to it in the end oyle
of Spike* halfe a pound soe reserve it the older the
To make hayres growe
T barley bread and salt of each a like burne these for
together then beate them into powder and make it up
in Vinigar.
For the gowte
T a good quantity of snayles boyle them in Claret wyne
strayne them keepe the wyne to wash withall at the fier

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Transcribed by JW and LF