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Image 209, seventh book, folio 107, receipts 29 to 32

The seaventh Book
.fo. 107.
29 To bake a pye of Linge*
Let your Linge be in water till it bee very
fresh than forke it very tender and drive the water from
it. Then shred it very small with the yolkes of 3 or 4 egs
rosted hard and a warden* shred and an onnion amongst
it and the pill* of an orange minsed very small seasen it
with pep cloves mace and sugar then put it in your coffin*
with a quarter of a pynte of butter and small raysons mixed
together, then y close* your pye, & set it in the oven.
30 To Bake a Pickerell*
Take your pickerell and put it in skalding water and
there will bee a skinne on it, take of that, then spit it and
take out the middle bone, season it with pep and a little salte
rayse your coffin on the fashion of a pyke and laye it in an
ynch* layesh** with small raysons & butter upon it, & close it up
& set it in the oven.
31 To bake a gambel* of bacon .1.
When it is very watered* then seithe** it very tender
and when it is cold flea* of the sword** and gase** and
laye it by. Take 16 egs and roste them hard take such herbes
as you have for a forser * and shred them very small with
halfe the egges, and season it with pep, cloves mace sugar
and small raysons, and so ferge * your bacon thicke and
a little at once and so season it above with pep cloves mace
and a little saffron alofte on the one side, then laye it in
your coffin with the rest of the eggs and small raysons to the
quantity of the egges, sugar, cloves, and mace, and mixe
them altoger, and laye the one halfe under and the rest
upon it then close it up and set it in the oven.
32 To bake a gambel of bacon.
When your gambel is almost sodden* enoughe in fayre wa-
ter take a quarte of red wyne as much water and set it
it on the fyre and when it seetheth put on your bacon
and so let it seethe till in be very tender with Di an hand
full of baye leaves, than take it out and ferse* it with parsely
tyme & a little sage & season it with pep & so put it in a little
at once & thicke & season it all over with pep & pricke it
aloft with white cloves & bake it with rye paste.

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Transcribed by JW and LF