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Image 200, sixth book, folio 102b, receipts 141 to 145

The sixthe booke.
first and laste: And the patient must abstayne from onyons, garlicke,
sower breade, rye breade, travell*, and pottage, and this shall helpe.
141. For swellinge, or anye fellon*.
Take freshe butter, and fayre wheate flowre, and temper* them together,
and make a plaister thereof, and laye it to the sore.
142. For milke that may not passe out of ye paps*
Take beane meale, and temper it with yolkes of newe layde egges, &
implayster it on the pappes.
143. A dyet.
Take of water two quartes, of white wine one quarte, put them together, and
put into it, of endive*, succorye*, and hysoppe* that is younge, and unset*, one
handfull, twoe, or three parslye roots, and fennell rootes, scraped, slyced, and
the pithes taken out as manye, of annysseedes one spoonefull, of carriway seedes
as manye, of figges slytte*, and cut in pieces eighte, of raysons** of the sunne
one ownce, the stones taken out: of damaske prunes the stones taken out twelve,
fowre pieces of large mace, and tenne cloves, polipody* of the oake washed,
scraped, and slyced, a quarter of an handfull, rubarbe two drammes: harmo-
dactilus* one dramme, stone one ownce, & halfe: myngle all these together in
the wine, and water, the stone onelye* excepted, and boyle them with a softe
fire untyll the halfe be consumed, then put in your stone, then let them all
boyle together, and when it hath boyled a good while, take it of, and let it
coole, then strayne it, and keepe it in a close pot, and drinke everye daye in
the morninge halfe a pinte, and as much at three of the clocke in ye afternoone.
144. For a consumption.
Succini, coralli, rasura eboris, nucis muscatae.ana. 3 duas: pulverizantur, et acci-*
piantur in albumine ovi, pro quatuor auroris sumul.*
145. A good medicine for the tissicke*.
Take hysope*, liverworte*, vervayne*, fennel rootes, & elacampane* rootes, of eache
a quarter of an handfull, and wash them fayre and cleane, then bruise them, then
boyle them in three pintes of fayre springe water, and boyle in it 3 spoonefulls
of annysseedes, and sixe or eight good stickes of licoras*, & two spoonfulls of currans,
let all them be made fayre and cleane, and bruised well, and then boyle in it an hand-
full of whole barly fayre and cleane husked: and when it is halfe boyled awaye, the
strayne it, & set it on the fire agayne, then put in it so much clarifyed honye as
will make it verye delitious*, and allso ye powder of two races of ginger, the boile
it a litle more, & keepe it in a faire cleane earthen pot, then put it out into a cuppe,
& warme 4 or 5 spoonefulls to drinke evening & morning, first & last: And in anye
wise keepe your feete warme, & eate as litle salte meates or sharpe sauce as you
maye, and drinke as litle stronge fullsome drinke as you maye.
An excellente

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