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Image 198, sixth book, folio 101b, remedies 124 to 130

The sixthe booke.
124. A medicine for the stone*.
Take an hearbe that is called runnawaye*, it groweth besides wet ditches,
and laye it in your copper, whether it be wine or ale, or any other drinke,
that you use or make it in water or in powder, and it muste be gathered
betweene the twoe St Mary’s dayes*. Probatum est*: Henrye Broker.
125. A medicine to breake fleame*.
Take twoe races* of ginger, one sticke of licoras**, a pinte of hysop** water,
and put them together in a glasse a daye and a nighte, and drinke it to
bedwarde, and in the morninge.
126. A medicine for the stone.
Take a good quantitye of time*, and a quarte of malmesye**, and put it together,
and set it over the fire, and let it boyle to a pinte, and strayne it through
a linnen clothe, and then drinke it to bedwarde*, and in the morning warme.
Probatum est. Mr Morse.
127. A medicine to make teeth fall out.
Take younge ravens dunge in season of the yeare, & make powder there-
of, and temper* it with milke, and then drye it in tyll it fall all to
powder, and laye thereof a litle to the sore toothe, and it will fall out
anon without anye payne.
128. A medicine for the ? stone.
Take elacampana* a greate handfull, and cut it, but not too small, and
put it in a quarte of white wine, and stoppe it faste, and drinke thereof
everye day fastinge, & last hereof bedwarde, & use this, & be whole.
129. A medicine to have out a thorne.
Take small nut kernells, and chawe* them small, or els a lillye roote, and
roste it, and laye to the prickeinge, and thou shalte bee whole.
130. A medicine for the head ache.
Take the iuice* of cellondine** a good quantitye, and warme it over the fire,
and then wek* therein a sponge, or a linnen clothe, that it bee three or fowre
double, and so even warme laye it to the temples of the foreheade, & when
it is colde, warme it agayne, if it cease not, & laye thereto, & namelye
when you goe to bed: Allso when your heade doth ake*, smell to cam-
mamyll*, and it will cease: for if you smell thereto when your heade
aketh not, then it will make your heade to ake: and if it ache, it will
cease ache: Allso take betanye* leaves, and washe them, and then rowle**
them, and put it upon everye of your nostrills, and let it abide there an
howre, and it will clense your heade: Allso take betonye alone, and make
him wortes* therewith with what meate that he will, and though it bee
bitter, it will ease you certayne: Allso take verven* stamped with
the white

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Transcribed by KS and GB