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Image 195, sixth book, folio 100a, receipts 101(contd) to 109

The sixthe booke. .fo. 100
oyle olliffe as much as all the others, braye* them all together, and
anoynte her breastes: and it shall make them softe: Allso seethe*
myntes in wine, and oyle ollyffe*, stampe them, and laye thereto: and it
softneth them, & engendreth milke. Probatum est*.
102. For the biteinge of a spinnercoppe*, or an
ettercoppe, wch marke I take to be a spider.
Take a litle freshe fleshe, and rubbe the biteinge therewith, then take the
roote of radishe, scrape, & seeth it in white wine, and vineger, and
laye it thereto, it shall drawe out the venyme*, & swage the sore.
103. For the biteing of an eyren*: or of a serpente.
Take cotten, and wet it in ewe oyle ardente*, and laye to the hole, and
it helpeth soone.
104. For a woman that hath loste her mylke.
Take the flowers; and blossomes of hawethorne, and the leaves, and
rinde*, and temper** them with some lycor***, and if it bee out of season,
take the middle rinde thereof, and stampe it with some other iuice*: for
to have much milke, take verven*, and fennell, stampe, & drinke it
with wine, and let her eate summer lettice, & shee shall have enough:
Allso take an handfull of wormes that be called sowes*, stampe them,
and put it in runninge water, strayne it and drinke it: proved: Allso
take the powder of cristall*, and drinke it with wine.
105. For a woman that hath too much milke.
To restrayne it, stampe the seed of broome, & drinke it with what licor
thou wilte thy selfe.
106. To drawe out iron, or thorne.
Take mosse of the blacke thorne, and frye it with May butter*, & laye
thereto, and it shall drawe out the thorne, and heale it though it be
venomed: Allso take astrologia rotunda*, stampe it, and laye it thereto,
and it shall drawe it out hastilye: Allso take the barke of hawethorne,
stampe it with red wine, then seeth it, and laye thereto as hot as yu
maiste suffer, and it shall have out the thorne, and the rankelinge*:
allso the eyes of an hare, and egrimonye* is good.
107. For a kibe*, or an homunole** on ye heele.
Take the roote of dragon*, and seeth it in water, and washe thy heele
therein as hot as thou maye suffer it.
108. For one that is benummed*.
Take sage, and rue, stampe it, and drinke it eveninge and eveninge:
Allso take an hearbe that is called croyser*, stampe it, and drinke it
it is good for man, and beaste.
109. For the bloude that standes in anye
parte of man.
Take wormewoode,

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Transcribed by KS and GB