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Image 194, sixth book, folio 99b, receipts 93 (contd) to 101

The sixthe booke.
if thou have longe pappes*, binde them with a silke thred, bye the
grownde*: then cut them awaye by the thred, then take an handfull of
wormewoode*, stampe** it, & frye it with oyle oliffe***, and laye thereto as hot
as thou mayste suffer it, then goe to bed, then on the morrowe, set thee
on the stoole agayne, and when thou dost make a newe playster, use this
fowre dayes and fowre nightes, & thou shalte be whole on warrentise*.
94. To make a make man to vomit.
Take powder of lawrell, and much honye,and seeth it in wine or ale,
and drinke it: Allso take the iuice* of spurge, and stonecroppe**, and
drinke it.
95. afo To make a man couragious.
Take the marrowe of partriges, and boyle it in good wine, and powder
of the seede of white pepper, meddle therewith the powder of skerewitte*,
and drinke it of with good wine.
96. For broken bones, legges, or armes.
Splente* them together, agayne, and give him to drinke comferye firste
and laste tyll he be whole.
97. For the swellinge of the stomacke.
For swelling of the stomacke, Take loveage, & the roote of fennell, stamp
them, and temper them with wine, & drinke it.
98. To clense the stomacke.
Take the seede of smallage*, annys*, pepper, and honye, temper them with
wine tyll they be thicke, then put it in a boxe, and eate thereof earlye
and late, each time three spoonfulls, & thou shalte be whole.
99. A good plaister for the stomacke.
Take wormewoode, roseleaves, & myntes, of each an handfull, take three
toastes of brownebreade, lay them in vineger, braye* them together,
seeth them, & make a playster to thy stomacke in a pocket.
100. For the eyes.
For eyes that are sore, take a quarte of white wine, put it in a cleane
vessell, put thereto an ownce of powder of salte gemme*, and boyle them
together a litle, then take it of the fire, & set it in horse dunge, cover
it with a panne, and lay dunge above, let it stande so three dayes, and
three nightes, then take it up, and powre out the clearest in a glasse,
when thou goest to bed, put thereof in thine eye. For eyes that are
cloudye, take orpimente, honye, & the white of an egge, stampe them
well together, and anoynte thy sore eyes.
101. For milke yt is waxed harde in a
womans breaste.
Take alsa foetida*, armoniacke**, wax, of each like much, then take
oyle olliffe

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Transcribed by KS and GB