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Image 193, sixth book, folio 99a, receipts 86 (contd) to 93

The sixthe booke. .fo.99.
Take water cresses, mallowes*, smallage*, and rewe*, of each an handfull,
cut them small, then take the dregges* of ale, the thickest thereof, then
take halfe a sawcer full of wheate [?] branne, as much of rye breade
crummes, & as much oatemeale, then seeth* it all together tyll it be thicke,
then make a plaister thereof, and laye it to the swellinge, & it will helpe,
renewe your plaister twise a daye, morninge and eveninge.
87. A gentle, good, & a sure medicine
for a canker or other sore.
Take of salte gemme* made in powder, and temper** it with a dishe of butter,
and put it in a boxe, & so keepe it, the longer the better
88. Agaynste the infection of the plague.
Take the water of scabeas*, and tha water of bettanye*, and as much good
treacle of geane* as the quantity of twoe hazel nutts, and a good spoone-
full of stronge vinegar, and beate them all together, and give ye sicke
to drinke, and it will put the sicknes from his hearte, and drive out the
sore, so that you suffer not the sicke to sleepe in seaven or eighte howres
after he hath dronke the medicine, and if you let him bleede, he shall
bee in a greate deale ye lesse ieopardye*, & the sooner whole.
89. This medicine is good when
the sore doth appeare.
Take an handfull of red bramble leaves, as much of elder leaves, stampe*
them together, and put thereto a good spoonefull and more of strong mustarde,
beate them all together, and make a playster thereof, and laye it to ye sore,
and it will bothe drawe it fayre, and heale it.
90. A drinke for the plague.
Take fetherfewe*, wormewoode*, mugworte*, marigoldes, scabeas*, mints, of each
halfe an handfull, stampe them, and strayne them with stale ale, and let
the sicke drinke thereof nine spoonefulls at one time, and if the sicke pson
drinke it betimes*, it will drive it from his hearte.
91. For scabbes.
Take roote of elacampana*, seeth it, and then stampe it with May butter*,
and powder of brimstone, then strayne it, & anoynte thee therewith.
Probatum est.
92. For scabbye handes.
Make powder of oyster shells, swines greace, and quickesilver* brayed
together, and anoynte thy handes.
93. For the emraldes*.
Take a stoole with a siege*, and lay twoe tyles in the fire, then take ye tiles,
and laye under the stoole, then take powder of myrrhe, and incense, &
cast on the tyle, & set thee over the smoke with thy bare fundamente*,
if yu have

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