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Image 189, sixth book, folio 97a; receipts 65 (contd) to 71

The sixthe booke.
let it stand twelve howres on the fire tyll halfe be sodden* away, then strayne it,
and set it on the fire agayne, and put to it as much sugar as shall bee needfull,
and make thereof a syrrop, & preserve it as you doo other syrrops, & everye
morninge and eveninge put into your mouth a spoonefull, and sucke it downe by
litle and litle.
66. A colde syrroppe for the heate of the liver.
Tale an handfull of endiffe*, an handfull of succorye**, halfe an handfull of fennell roots,
and halfe an handfull of parslye rootes, and put them in a gallon earthen pot, & fyll
it with fayre water, and set it over the fire, & let it boyle from a gallon to a pottle*,
then strayne it from the hearbes into a fayre posnet*, and put thereto a pinte of the
purest vineger you can get, and three pownde of suger, and set it over the fire againe,
and let boyle fayre and softlye tyll it be sirroppe, which you shall perceive, if you take
a litle thereof in a spoone, and keepe it therein tyll it be colde, you shall perceive a
creame above the sirrop in your spoone, or otherwise if you dippe your finger in
the sirrop of your spoone when it is colde, & put your finger & thumbe together, if it
cleave together or drawe, it is sodden to his iuste heigthe*. q To drinke this sirrop
with, you must take a fayre posnet, and fill it with fayre water, and set it over the
fire, and put therein an handfull of endiffe & succorye together, & let it boyle, then
strayne it from the hearbes into a fayre glasse, and when ye will drinke of ye syrrop,
take to three spoonefulls of this water one of the syrroppe, so that to nine spoonefulls
of the water you must take three spoonefulls of the syrroppe, which is a suffici –
ent draughte.
67. To make barlye water.
Take hulled barlye two ownces, lycoris* & annysseedes*, of each twoe drams*, & faire
water a quarte, boyle them all together untill it waxe* red, then strayne it throughe
a clothe, but presse it not overharde.
68. For the newe ague.
Take three or fowre spoonefulls of water imperiall*, or dragon water*, metridatum* to
the quantity of a nut kyrnell* myngled with a spoonefull of vineger, and drinke it before
your fit, or when you feele your selfe infected with this sickenes, take this bloude*
warme, and sweate sixe, or eighte howres upon the same.
69. For ache in the raignes*.
Take lawrell* leaves, and seeth** them in wine tyll they be as thicke as curdes, then
stampe them, and make a playster, and laye it to the raignes.
70. For the Same.
Item for the same disease take centorye*, and seeth it in fayre water tyll halfe be
consumed, and let it stande tyll it be colde, & drinke the same, & it will helpe.
71. To clense a woman after shee be
delivered of childe.
Take centorye, and neppe*, stampe them together, and drinke the iuice** thereof with
warme water, and it will worke verye kindelye.
72. To make a very fine dregge*.
Take lycoras*

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Transcribed by KS and GB