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Image 188, sixth book, folio 96b, receipts 58 to 65

The Sixthe booke.
58. For the tooth ache.
Take thirtye leaves of the white honysuckles, that growethe in
hedges, and nine cornes of baye salte*, and temper* them together, &
laye it to the gummes of the sore toothe, & it shall bee whole.
59. For wateringe eyes.
Take a red coole* leafe, and pownde it with the white of an egge, and
laye it to thine eyes when thou goest to bed.
60. Pyonye* seede.
Who so beareth this seede upon him, shall never have the fallinge
evill. Item take this seede pyonye, and braye it with oyle, and eate it
with sugar, and it is moste restorative.
61. To make brighte eyes.
Take the bloude of a moll*, and anoynte thine eyes therewith, then theye
shall bee brighte.
62. For the dropsye.
Take a good handfull of sage, and bake it in a loafe of white breade, &
all hot put it in a pot of leather with a gallon of good stale ale, and stoppe
it faste, and let it reste all daye or all nighte, and take thereof in the
morninge firste, and the eveninge laste, & thou shalte be whole.
63. For the morphewe* prooved by
the olde Lorde Darcye*.
Take three pyntes of white vinegar, and take 3 id in white leade, & pure
Brimstone well brayed*, and put to the powders a greate spoonefull of good
blacke sope, and put the powders with the sope into a stronge linnen cloth,
and laye the cloth into the vineger, and let it lye there 24 howres, & then
wash thee with the sayde bathe upon the places infected by the space
of nine dayes together morninge & eveninge agaynste the fire, rubbinge
the place well before with a piece of scarlet, or fine red cloth, & drinke
in that nine dayes a pinte of fumitorye* water, and rubbe the sore, or place
infected, and washe agaynst the fire: and then goe to bed, and sweate
halfe an howre, and thou shalte be as cleane as ever thou waste*, proved
by divers.
64. For the runninge of the raignes*.
Take a quarte of bastarde*, of white archangell*, bawme*, white neppe*,
& clarye*, of each like muche, seeth it tyll the one halfe be consumed, then
take fine amber*[*], and beate it it to powder, which thou must put into the
foresayde lycor, and drinke thereof morninge & eveninge, and it
shall helpe thee.
65. A remedye for the howlinge of the lunges.
Take gallingall*, manipulum*, shred it finely, elacampane* rootes as
much, halfe an handfull of licoras* well scraped, & finelye cut, twoe hand-
fulls of scabias, and hearbes all together cleane washed a gallon of
stronge ale worte*, put all the foresayde thinges into the worte, and
let it stand

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Transcribed by KS and GB