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Image 187, sixth book, folio 96a, receipts 49 to 57

.fo. 96.
The Sixthe booke.
heade: but looke thou keepe it allways hot, that it coole not: and laye it
nexte unto thy heade with the leaves of blinde nettles*.
49. For a sore throate.
Take the seede of columbine, and annys*, and stampe them, and let him
drinke it, and hee shall be whole.
50. For stoppeing of ye stomacke with hoarsenes.
Take hysoppe*, and licoras*, & seeth* them in a pinte of white wine, and
bath let them seethe* tyll halfe bee sodden* awaye, and use it at nighte
hot, and in the mornings colde.
51. For all manner of sickenes in ye stomacke.
Take the seede of annys, and lynseede, & commyn*, of every of them
like muche, & stampe them together, & give the sicke to drinke with
hot water, & hee shall bee well.
52. For a man that spitteth bloude.
Take betanye*, and temper it with goates milke, and let the sicke drinke
three dayes thereof.
53. For the stone* in the raignes*.
Take a quantitye of elacampane*, and a quantitye of cherristones*, and
a greate quantitye of parslye, and somewhat more of small nut shells,
and put all this together, and make powder thereof, and let him drinke
it, & hee shall bee whole.
54. To make a salve, a clenser, and an
healer of all manner of woundes.
Take an handfull of betanye, an handfull of vervaine*, two handfulls
od red pympernell*, and put in twoe powdes of hogges dunge, & stampe
stampe it together, and let it rotte* nine dayes, and then frye them, &
strayne it, and put therein three ownces of masticke*, and boyle it
agayne, and strayne it.
55. To clense a mans eyes.
Take red fennell, and stampe it in a morter, and then strayne in a cloth,
and take an egge, and put it out all that is therein, and then put the iuice*
of the fennell into the shell, and set it upon the embers, and take a feather,
and make it cleane as the fome riseth, and when it is well boyled, then
take it & let it reste a while, and then take out that which is cleane,
and put it in a cleane sawcer*, and caste awaye that remayneth, and
then put some thereof to your eyes.
56. To make the stomacke in temper.
Take a pennyworthe of longe pepper, a quantitye of graynes*, a nutmegge,
a pennyworth of saffron, and twoe spoonefulls of sugar, and beat them
all together to powder, & boyle them all in good ale, and give ye sicke
to drinke.
57. A most pretious* medicine for ye stone.
Take a loadestone*, and breake it to powder as small as you may, & drinke it
with wine, & ? it shall breake him, if he were wth flint stone, & purg ye raings.
For the

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