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Image 186, sixth book, folio 94b, Receipts 20 (contd) to 29

The Sixthe booke.
in your eye when you goe to sleepe, and it shall breake the skumme* of
the eye by the grace of God: well proved.
21. For pricking in a ioynte* with needle or thorne.
Take wheate flower & wine, and boyle them together, tyll it bee thicke, and
laye thereto, allso for to drawe out a thorne, take dayseyes, dayneworte*
both leafe and roote, & twoe yelles* of egges, & wheate meale stamped to-
gether, and make an oyntemente thereof, and laye thereto, and it shall
slake* the swellinge, and have it out.
22. For the chingles*.
Take doves dunge that is moyste, and barlymeale, of each a pownde, stap
them well together, & put thereto a pinte of vinegar, meddle* them together,
ad* laye thereto, and role leaves thereupon, and looke it lye three dayes,
then make newe, and thou shalte be whole within three playsters, allso
take the lees of a water pot, and anoynte the chingles therewith.
23. For women that purge overmuch after childebearing.
Take the roote of pyony, and stampe* it well, and drye it, & make powder
thereof, and sorse* it and give it her to drinke with wine, and it shall
purge her, and bringe her to good state.
24. For a woman that hath too much of her flowers.
Take ancecocum*, ymagogum*, a penywaighte in powder, and give to drinke
with a spoonfull of aquavitae* and ale: ana*. then take a litle of the foresaid
powder, and meddle it with with hot horse dunge, & binde to her navell.
25. An other for the same.
Take fayre turdes of horse dunge, and boyle them in vinegar, and laye
to her navell as hot as shee may suffer.
26. An other.
Take wheate flowre, & seethe it in milke & honye, and make thereof
a playster, & laye to the navell as hot as shee may suffer.
27. An other.
Take cumferye* & washe it, and stampe it, and seethe it in wine, and make
a playster thereof, and laye to the navell, and to the wombe, & another
to the raignes*, and that shall heale her fayre and well.
28. For a fowle, & perilous olde sore, or a
canker in a legge, or such a place.
Take and burne wheate in a pot, so that thou mayest make powder
thereof, and fill the hole, or the sore therewith, & laye a playster of a
cowe or oxe turde above, and binde it fast thereto, and so heale it up
well and fayre.
29. An other.
Take an oxe gall*, and as much honye, and boyle them together, and
skumme them, and then put thereto white copporis* as much as a doves
eye in fine powder, & boyle them three times a litle, and keepe it well,
and anoynte therewith the sore tyll it bee whole. Probatum est*.
To destroye

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