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Image 185, sixth book, folio 94a, receipts 18 (contd) to 19

.fo. 94.
The Sixthe booke.
it is neverthelesse in his perfection: for if you should distill it soe
often that it woulde be no more harde, nor congeale in the receiver,
then it woulde be so hot, & quicke in the mouthe, that it, were unpossible
by anye meanes to drinke it downe: But being but once distilled, you may
eyther drinke it in wine, or anoynte it on anye place of your bodye so
without hurte, for greate is the vertue if this oyle: For as Raymond
Lullye* saythe, it is a celestiall and divine medicine and remedy in a ma-
ner agaynste all griefes both inwarde and outwarde. For inwarde
griefes, if the urine be so stopped, that then canst scarcelye make wa-
ter, or not at all, or if thou have anye grievous stitches, or payne in
thy loynes, or raignes*, etc: then take a dramme of this oyle, & put
into a quarter of a pinte of white wine, and drinke it up, and by gods
grace thou shalt finde a presente remedye. And for outward griefes,
if thou have a wounde never so wide and bigge, take & stitche it uppe
somewhat wide, and then poure in the oyle, and laye a linnen cloth on
it, and it in twelve dayes at the furtheste it will heale it: but if it be a
small wounde within three dayes or lesse. The chirurgians* cannot
awaye with this oyle, for it spoyleth theire science.
19. An other waye of draweinge the oyle of waxe
most noble, & doth marvelouslye helpe ye colde
gowte, the sciatica, the swellinge of ye legges,
& all other griefes pceeding of a cold cause, etc.
Take of pure newe waxe, so much as you please: and put it in a panne
over the fire to melte, and being melted, have by you in a readines an other
panne well glazed & cleane within, filled with very good & perfecte
wine, into which poure your molten waxe, & lettinge it soke & drinke
well in the wine, & then washe it often in the sayde wine, that done, take
out your waxe, and wringe it well with your handes, & use it so with
melteing, & washeing an eight times together at the least, & every time
washe it in newe freshe wine, doeinge away the former, then at the laste
take it, & set it forthe (beinge a cleane season, and ayre) all the night through:
after which put the waxe into a retorte*, with a litle of mummia*, and oyle
of hypericon, or St Johns worte, and a litle olde oyle: And allthoughe it may
doe good without these, yet it worketh farre better then used alone. Nowe
take this crooked bodye or retorte, & set it in fine syfted ashes, & a gentle fire
made under it untill all the oyle bee runne forthe: Nowe in the comeing
forth of this oyle, there will appeare in the receiver all the 4 elements,
as the fire, ayre, water, & earth: which all will orderlye appeare right
marvelous to see. And the oyle being thus drawme, worketh myraculously
in all diseases which proceeds of colde causes.
20. To breake the skumme* of the eye.
Take an eele, and roste it whole, and breake not the skynne, and when it is
rosted perfectlye, then open him, and drawe out the gall*, and put a drop
in your eye

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