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Image 167, fifth book, folio 85a, receipts 149 (contd) to 153.

The fifthe booke. .fo. 85.
healer, and a good salve. This salve is called the grace of God, for
an angell broughte it from heaven to king Alexander, for the people
of his lande was nighe loste with deadlye woundes of speares, dartes,
daggers, & many other maladies, as it hath bene proved of surgeons.
150. A medicine for the mother*.
Take an handfull of piamounte*, otherwise called wilde time, of planten*,
and mallowes as muche, and three daysy rootes fayre washed or scraped,
and a quantity of graynes*, stampe** them and strayne them, and so drinke
it with a little suger to alaye the bitternes, or els seeth* them in good
ale, and so drinke it.
151. A playster merrative* for sore breastes.
Take the leaves of mallowes, and wormewoode*, of eache a greate hand-
full, and seeth them in fayre water untyll they bee as tender as the pappe
of an apple, then laye them upon a boarde, and let the water runne cleane
from them, then chop them small with a knife, for they will not grinde
for fat, then stampe them with swines greace, and temper them together
untill you cannot knowe the one from the other. This medicine or
playster is most pretious for sore pappes* that rotteth, and mattereth,
for it mundifyeth* it by the power or vertue thereof, and asswageth.
the payne not onelye of the pappes, but allso of all hard botches, or bites
under the throate, or armeholes, or in anye other place of the body, where
it lyeth harde in the fleshe, this must bee layde to luke warme on a
double linnen cloth, and changed twyse in a daye: This playster hath
no peere in such thinges.
152. A medicine for a burninge or scaldeinge.
Take an handfull of alehoofe*, and shred it small, an handfull of new sheeps
dunge, and halfe a spoonefull of the white of hens dunge, and halfe a
quarter of a pownde of fresh butter, and stirre them well together,
then seeth them with a spoonefull of honye, and so much deares sewet,
or sheepes sewet as a tennis ball to make the medicine somewhat thicke,
then strayne it into a fayre vessell, and use it thus : first take & wash
the sore of the patient with warme water, then drye it with a fine linnen
clothe, and then take the medicine, and strike it on a primerose leafe,
and lay it on the sore, and change it so ofte as need shall require.
153. To make a very good salve or playster.
First take rosemarye, time, lavender, dill, balme, brookelime*, yarrowe*,
loveage*, smallage*, vervayne*, cammamyll*, orpen*, planten*, nighteshade*,
hearbe Roberte*, adders tongue*, polypodye*, otherwise ferne of ye oake,
woodbines, otherwise honysuckles, dayseies, comfrye, take of each, of
all these hearbes an handfull, and beate them small in a mortar, then
put into them a quarte of verges*, or more if neede so require, then straine
them together into a fayre vessell, then take two pownd of new waxe,
a pownde

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