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Image 160, fifth book, folio 81b, receipts 88 (contd) to 94.

The fifthe booke.
Take parslye rootes, and of the rennet* of an hare, of each halfe an ownce,
of storax and calaminte* three drams, of newe oyle of sweete allmondes
three ownces, of barlye meale an ownce & an halfe, make thereof a
playster, and laye it on the breaste &c.
89. To helpe the hearinge.
Take of white eleborus, of saffron, of saulter, of calcocaum*, of each an
ownce, boyle all these together, then dippe therein blacke wooll, and put
thereof warme into thye eares.
90. For dimnes of the sighte.
Take of rape seede, and make comfictes* therewith, as you doe with annysseeds,
of which the diseased useinge to eate shall finde a marveilous ease.
Or else take of the ashes of the heades of swallowes two drams, & of
good honye three ownces, of the iuice* of fennell one ownce, put them into
a vyall* of glasse, & stoppe it close at the mouth, and boyle it in balmemary**
untyll halfe be wasted*, that take that which remayneth, & droppe into
thine eyes earlye in the morninge, and before supper, and at thy goinge
to bed, and use it every daye, &c.
"91. For that is franticke or mad.
Take lawrell and drye it to powder in an oven, & let him eate it in warme
meate or broth when the moone is in cancer*, & make him a broth with
some kind of fennell, and put therein onyons, and woodbines, & woodbetony,
and endiffe*, and graynes** good store, and so let him eate of the broth continuallye
What say the phre- duringe nine dayes or more, and keepe him from halloweinge & noyses, and
nologists to S?* take roses with all, or rose cake, commyn, hempeseed, of each like muche,
and beate them in a morter, and mixe it with stronge vineger, and warme
binde it to the temples of his heade, and use this fifteen dayes, and by
Gods grace hee shall be whole."
92. To drawe out yron*, or a thorne, or anye
thinge that pricketh in the fleshe.
Take the roote of ferne, and the rinde of a fennell roote, and honye, & binde
all these together, and frye them in a panne tyll it be thicke, and laye it to
the sore place, and it will drawe it out, &c.
93. Agaynst drunkennes.
If thou wille never be drunken, take and eate betonye* firste ere thou drinke,
and thou shalle not be drunken all that daye.
94. For one that is broken eyther olde or yonge.
Take nine red snayles between two tyles of claye, so that they neyther
creepe nor slyde awaye, and bake them so eyther in the hot embers, or in an
oven tyll you may make powder of them, then take the powder of one of the
snayles, & put it in a cup of so much white wine, & let the patient drinke
it morninge and eveninge, and let the patient faste two houres after it, and
let him drinke those nine snayles in eighteene dayes, that is every other
day one: and if the broke be so olde, that these will not heale it, let him take
other nine snayles, and drinke them in eighteene dayes more, and hee shall
bee whole:

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