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Image 158, fifth book, folio 80b, receipts 70 to 77

The fifthe booke.
70. For the hearing that is loste.
Take five leaves of ramsons*, nine leaves of betonye**, & halfe an handfull
of stubworte, & halfe an handfull of clivers*, and stampe** them, & strayne
them with a litle white wine, & with two litle lockes of wooll therein, &
lay it to your eares, then take a hot manchet*, or other bread as it cometh
out of the oven, & laye it upon your eares and hot as you may suffer it
for five houres space, & afterwardes take it of, and put it into the
grounde: And then take three leekes three days every day with a
litle honye, and eate them in March, April, and May.
"71. For to get one a stomacke,
Take rosa solis* halfe a pinte, rosewater halfe a pinte, a quarter of a pinte
of dragon water*, & two handfulls of sallet oyle**, & halfe a pinte of
wormewood water, & one nutmegge, beaten to powder, boyle all these to=
gether a litle while, & after that take five leaves of liverworte*, of
lungeworte three leaves*, & two races** of ginger beaten to a powder, &
put these to the foresayde, & drinke of it eveninge & morninge twoe
spoonefulls at a time five dayes together."
72. An other.
Take rosa solis five spoonefulls, rosewater five spoonefulls, dragon water
three spoonefulls, sallet oyle two spoonefulls, of wormewood water a quar=
ter of a pinte, and use this as before.
73. To doe away malancholye.
Take an handfull of greene wheate, & halfe an handfull of parslye, and
choppe it small, and stampe* it, and put thereto a litle vergesse**, & make
greene sawce thereof, & eate it, &c.
74. For water in the stomacke.
Take a nutmegge, & toaste it at the fire, & eate it, & you shall bee well.
75. A playster to drawe out a broken bone.
Take betonye, rue & verven, and stampe them together with the
flower* of wheate or rye, & the white of an egge, and make thereof
a playster, and lay to the sore.
76. For an adder or snake creepinge into
the body of man or beaste.
Take greene rue, and stampe it, and temper it with mans urine, or of that
beaste that hath the evell in him, and give it the sicke to drinke, and he shall
cast up all the vermin that is in him, be it man or beaste. Probatum est*.
77. To helpe a man that hath ye gowte.
First take a blacke sheepes heade, & seeth* it tyll the fleshe doe fall of it: then
put to it a good deal of sheepes sowet*, & a good quantity of mallowes, and
smallage, and then bath the place that is grieved with it as hot as you can
suffer it, & then take an hedgehogge, & fill his belly full of blacke snayles,
and then roste him, and take the drippinge thereof & anoynte ye place
grieved daily

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