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Image 155, fifth book, folio 79a, remedies 45 to 52

The fifthe booke. .fo.79.
and then strayne them through a cleane cloth into a clean vessell: And
give the sicke to drinke on his evill daye: if it be a quotidian*, give it
him nine dayes together, & hee shall bee whole by Gods grace.
45. For the bloudy fluxe*.
Take a hens egge, & roste it as harde as you can: then pill* it, and cut it
asunder in the middest*, when you have taken out the yelke**, then take the
one halfe of the yelke, & take out of that a core that is in the middest, and
fill the hole where the core came out with saffron, and laye it to ye navell
as hot as he can abide it, doe so fowre dayes, & he shall be whole by Gods
46. For pissinge of bloude, or strangurye*.
Take red docke seede gathered betweene the St Marye dayes*, and make
it in powder: and put thereto sweete milke tyll it bee somewhat thicke
as pappe*, and eate thereof first and laste, &c.
47. For a fellon, or an uncombe*
Take whole levet, and braye it in a morter as small as you can, & then
take May butter, & temper them together with a softe fire, and it will
bee a royall salve for all such sores and uncombes, and will make them
whole on warrentise*.
48. For one that hath the perilous coughe.
Take rue, & sage, commyn*, & the powder of pepper, and seeth** them together
in honye, and make a lectuarye*, and take a spoonefull thereof at even, and
as muche in the morninge, &c.
49. For rumbling in the bellye.
Take rue, and stampe* it with salte, and temper** it with stale ale, or water,
and give the sicke to drinke, & they shall be whole by Gods grace.
50. For all manner of gowtes.
Take a moule*, & pull him cleane, and open him as thou wouldest eate
him, & salte him well, then put him into an earthen pot, and lay a tile stone
thereon, & set it in an oven when one seteth in breade: And when you draw
it out, looke if it bee drye enoughe to make powder, if it be not, let it stande
tyll it bee, & then make powder of it, & temper it with boares greace, and
then anoynte ye sores by the fire, and he shall be whole by Gods grace.
51. For all manner of swellings.
Take grounsell, chickeweede, dayseyes, ruberbe, petymerell*, and hearbe
levet, stampe them, & set them over the fire, & let them boyle well together,
and as hot as the sicke may suffer it, laye the playster to the sore.
52. To breake ye stone in the bladder.
Take the patients owne water, & put thereto the bloude of a goate of three
yeares olde, & mingle it well together, and give the patient to drinke, and it
will breake the stone, and hee shall avoyde* it. Take the bladder of ye goate
with the goates pisse in it, & put so much as the pisse is of the bloude of
the goate into the bladder, the goate must be three yeares olde, then take
that in the bladder, and give the patient to drinke, and hee shall avoyde
the stone in

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