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Image 154, fifth book, folio 78b, Receipts 37 to 44

The fifthe booke.
with the leaves of the roses, & then take up the roseleaves, & make
it like a playster*, then take two nutmegges, & beate them small to pow=
der, & strawe it on the rosecake*: then take and laye it on the heade, & it
will serve a good while. Probatum est*.
37. For the gowte & ache.
Take henbane, marygoldes, burrage, & mallowes*, stampe** them toge=
ther, & let them lye & rotte: then take May butter*, & cleave it upon
a basin, & lay it in a boll with stronge pisse, & stirre the pysse every
day a month together: Then take the hearbes, & strayne out the
iuice of them, & put the iuice*, pisse, butter, & all together, and then
put eyther deares sowet*, or sheepes sowet to it, & melte it well toge=
ther, and then anoynte you therewith, &c.
38. For the payne in the heade.
Take fetherfewe, cammamyll, rosemarye, pennyroyall, ground ivye,
alehoofe*, commyn** seede, heate them betweene two tiles, and laye them
to the noddle* of the heade hot.
39. For limmes that are taken that
have no feelinge.
Take oyle of dyll*, oyle of roses, & anoynte the place grieved: If the
mouth be drawne awrye, then take a rose cake, and laye to the cheeke
hot: Allso take three brickes, & heate them red hot, & then quench them
in water tyll they have done boylinge, & then wrappe them in clothes,
and lay one at the feete, the other at the side, and the thirde at the
backe not touchinge the bodye.
40. For the itche.
Take creame, & the roots of cellondine, & the roots of mercurye*, and cut
the roots thinne, & seeth* them tyll they be thicke, & then strayne them out,
& laye it to the itch, & it will be whole &c.
Take rosemarye leaves, lavender leaves, woodbind leaves, cellondine leavs
or roots, sage of vertue*, stampe them, & seeth them in white wine fro
a pinte tyll halfe be wasted, and then washe the wounde therewith, &
it shall be whole, &c.
"42. To make a seerecloth* to heale all manner of aches.
Take halfe a pinte of sallet oyle, & of red leade 2 ob, & boyle these toge=
ther tyll it is blacke, & then dippe your clothe in it, and laye it to the
place grieved, and it will heale it by Gods grace.
43. For the fluxe*.
Take a hot loafe as it cometh out of the oven, & crumme it into a dish
full of verges*, & eate well thereof, and hee shall bee whole.
44. For all manner of agues.
Take fowre croppes* of stone croppe, and washe them, & stampe them:
and put thereto halfe a pinte of stale ale, & meddle them well together,
and then

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