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Image 153, fifth book, folio 78a, Receipts 30 to 36

The fifthe booke. .fo.78.
with good white wine, & put some nettles to it, & seeth them all toge=
ther, & take and laye it as hot on the place of the gowte as you can
suffer it, & in two or three times doinge ye gowt shall be clean drawne
"30. A good drinke for them that are bewitched
or forespoken* .
Take rosemarye three braunches, two leaves of comfrye, halfe an handfull
of succorye*, halfe an handfull of time, three braunches of hearbe grace,
a quarte of runninge water, & seeth it tyll it bee halfe consumed, & then
Let [???] strayne it: And then take one nutmegge, & one race* of ginger, one penny=
[???] worth of mace, & two pennyworth of suger, & put them into the water:
and drinke thereof first & laste a quantity at a time warme: & eate five I [?] [S] 47
allmondes everye time after you have drunke of the water."*[*] recommend
31.For the spleene.
Take two or three whiteings*, and make a brothe therewith wth butter,
and yeste*, & a litle graynes**, and eate thereof &c.
32. For the winde collicke*.
Take a quarte of sacke*, & burne it with two egges, butter, cloves, and
mace, and drinke thereof.
33. For the liver that is wasted*.
Take stronge worte* of the first tappe: and a good quantity of liver=
worte, & picke it cleane, & washe it, and bruise it, & let it seeth* in the
worte from three pintes to a quarte, & drinke thereof eveninge & mor=
ninge five dayes. And when this is done, then take halfe a pinte
of the water of clivers*, drinke that evening & morninge tyll it be done, &c.
34. For the collicke & stone.
Take twoe or three cloves of garlicke, pyll them & bray* them well,
then take a good handfull of mallowes roots & all, & wash them cleane,
& choppe them small, & put them into a newe pot, & put to them a
quarte of white wine, & seeth them well together, but be well ware
that it boyle not over, then strayne it into a pot through a fayre cloth:
& put thereto an ownce of suger, then drinke thereof when neede is, but
cheifelye eveninge and morninge. Probatum est*.
35. For the winde collicke.
Take fennell seede, & parsly seede, & three or fowre radishe rootes, lovage,
carrets three rootes, & seeth them very well in fayre water, they beinge
tender, strayne them through a clothe, then put a quarte of white wine
to the same licor, & then boyle them agayne, & put some pepper to boile
with it, then drinke thereof eveninge & morninge seaven dayes together, &c.
Probatum est.
36. An excellent medicine for the heade ache.
Take the leaves of a rosecake*, & three spoonefulls of rosewater, as much
of wine vineger, & three spoonefulls of the milke that a manchilde doth
sucke: & a piece of leavened breade: Then take & boyle all these together
with the

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