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Image 152, fifth book, folio 77b, Receipts 23 to 29

The fifthe booke.
23. For one that cannot heare.
Take grounde ivye & braye* it, and take the iuice** of it, and being a litle
warmed, put thereof divers times into your eares.
24. To revive one that is fallen wth ye fallinge sicknes*.
Take the iuice of rue, half an ownce, of castor one dram, & mixe them
together, and in the licor bath litle lockes of wooll, and put them into
the iuice, and you shall see a presente effecte.
25. For the falling sickenes.
Drinke the water of the planten* sixeteene or seaventeene dayes continueinge,
& it healeth quickelye the falling sickenes: It is allso good agaynste inca=
tation, if it be dronke fowre or five dayes continuallye.
26. For the pylles.
Take maryegoldes, daffadillies, white violets, white lillies, halfe an handfull
of time, seaven braunches of rosemarye, five leaves of hartes tongue, five
red mintes, halfe an handfull of clivers*, an handfull of liverworte, five
braunches of greene broome, three toppes of wormewood, five braunches
of hearbe grace, seaven braunches of clarye, of neppe* five leaves, three
braunches of blowe columbines, seaven leaves of succorye*, five leaves
of endiffe*, seeth** all these in a pottle*** of ale tyll halfe be consumed, and
then strayne it, & put to it an ownce of suger, & drinke thereof firste and
last: then take a red clothe, and wet it in a quantitye of it, and laye it to ye place.
27.For the emraldes* a soveraigne medicine.
Take hartes tongue* and drye it on a tile stone that it burne not, and make
thereof a powder, & put it in a small linnen clothe, & hot agaynste the
fire as may be suffered, clappe that cloth with the powder on ye fun=
damente: use this medicine, & he shall be whole on warrentise*
"28. For a warvell warnell*.
Take the leaves of the roots of celondine, & braye it, & lay it to ye warnell
when it is cleane picked, & it shall have it cleane on warrentise."
"29. To take away ye gowte and ye payne thereof.
Take a little whelpe* that hath begone** a litle while to see, being the fattest
that you can get, and scalde* it as you do a pigge, & take out the garbage**
out of the one side of it: Then take a good handfull of nettles, & stampe
with three ownces of brimstone, & fowre yolkes of egges, & fowre ownces
of turpentine, corporate* all together, and put it into the whelpes bellye, and
sewe it faste that the composition* come not forthe, then roste it with a
temperate fire, & reserve the grease that cometh thereof, and with that
anoynte the place of the gowte, for it will bringe greate ease both to the
synewes, & muscles, & doe away the crampe, &c: Allso for the like ef=
fecte, take a new pot, & fill it halfe full with oyle, & the other halfe
with good

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