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Image 118, fourth book, folio 60b, Receipts 8 (contd) to 13.

The fourthe booke.
with weathers* tallowe, and take good heede of the wounde if it be in the
heade & deepe: then put in no sanicle* .i. gowldes, for if the panne be broken,
it will pierse the boyle, & that were greate perill. And now to ye other
parte of thine implaisyer, keepe it rawe, for it is constrictive, tractative*,
and clensinge. And the other parte that is sodden is sanative* & easeing,
and allso draweinge, & laye that playster on the wounde. And it is to under-
stande, that in the firste day there shall be no plaister nor unguente* layde
to any wounde, but onely the clenser of the wounde, as ye white of an
egge tempered with water and salte, layde upon flaxe, and so to
the wounde (the which in the is called plewmonolle*) and if yt
it be neede to the wounde.
9. A good plaister agaynste swellinge
Take growndeswell*, & brokelymppe*, daysies, rewbarbe*,
and petie* morell*, hearbe bennet* an. Stampe them & put them over ye fire
& let them boyle well a little while, & as hot as the sicke may suffer,
laye it to the sore.
10. An other good plaister agaynste all manner
swellings & hardenes of imposthume*.
Take the turdilles* of a male goate for a man, & of a female goate for a
woman, & resolve* it in a little vineger & a little honye, & bloud warme
laye it to the sore: this salve or plaister doth not onely dissolve ye swelling,
but allso fistulaes*, & the canker woundes it healeth: & it doth out the matter
& the rotten fleshe: & ceaseth the ache & prickeinge, & this is the beste
plaister for all harde imposthumes in olde bodies: and in olde imposthumes
wheresoever they bee.
11. A plaister yt dissolveth harde imposthumes.
Take bdelium*, honye, armoniarke*, galbanum*, an, grinde all these together
in a morter, with the oyle of hye mustyll*, fenecreke,* & lynseed right well,
untyll that they be well incorporate together, & make thereof a plaister,
and laye it to all harge imposthumes wheresoever they be.
12. A salve for botches* & biles
Take perosin*, white encens*, & sheepes tallowe an, melt them together, and
purifye them, & stirre them well untill they be well melded together, & then
strayne them into a vessell, & put thereto the iuice of the roote of walworte*,
as much by waighte as of one of the other before sayde, & meddle them
well together.
13. An entreate* for botches*, festers*,
cankers*, olde sores, & newe.
Take lb j of medewaxe*, lb j of barrowes* greace* molten & pured*.lb ss of
frankensens, ℥ j of masticke*, ss j lb of perosin*, lb ss of Spanish loode lb ss of
stone piche*, & 4 id of verdegres, take all these thinges & breake them small,
& put them into a fayre panne, & seeth them over the fire, & melte them
together, & when they are well molten*, then pouder** thy verdegres, & put
it into the other, & stirre them well together, for fitting to the panne, that
done take it from the fire, & let it coole untill that thou mayst strayne it,
& when thou straynest it, wet the bottome of the panne (with cold water)
into which

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