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Image 117, fourth book, folio 60a, heading and receipts 1 to 8

The forthe booke. .fo. 60.
Liber 4.
Heere followeth a booke which was fownde in the parsons study
of Warlingham, written in the Roman hande, & it wanteth
both the beginninge & endeinge.
1. To make a salve that will bringe woundes yt
are rankeled*, burninge, or akeing, into theire kind
agayne, & to cease theire malice.
Take the iuice* of smallage*, of morrel*, & of waybred* and take ye same por-
tion of honye, & the white of egge as thou doest of the iuice, & meddle them
together, & put thereto boulted flower of wheate, & stirre them well toge=
ther tyll they be thicker & after let it come neare no fire, but cold lay it to ye sore.
2. To clense a venemous wounde.
Take the hearbe colombine, & thereof make a playst playster*, & laye it to the
sore. Allso the powder of myrrhe & layde upon wounde doth heale it, if
there bee no bones broken in it.
3. A marveilous intreate* both for woundes & swellings.
Take the iuice of smallage*, the roots of walworte*, the leaves of elder & rye
meale, & boyle them in a cleane panne with honye & grease till they
be thicke, & when neede is, laye it to the sore.
4. A drinke for woundes well proved, without laying to
playster or oyntemente, or any other thinge.
Take saicle*, mylfoyle*, & buglee* j ? grinde them small in a morter, and
temper them with wine: & give the sicke to drinke twise or thrise a daye.
5. An other for the same.
Take red coole*, the leaves of hempe, ec.
6. An other.
Take ambrose*, bismalou*, sanicle*, & bugle*, &seeth them in a pot with old ale
untill halfe be wasted, & after strayne it through a cloth, & put thereto
a quantitye of honye, & give the sicke to drinke firste & laste.
Note that the leaves of leekes stamped & layde upon deade fleshe, doth fret
awaye the deade fleshe, & clenseth the sore.
7. An other drinke for woundes.
Take bugle, herbe John*, sanicle, cliver*. i mellilote* with five leaves, pigle*
and all the three confoundys*, planten*, water cresses, yarrowe, crisope=
malue*, red nettle, hempeseede, red coole* an m j & grinde them together
with stale ale, & boyle it & give the sicke thereof to drinke first & last,
that is before he eate or drinke in the morninge, & at his goinge
to reste at nighte.
8. A good implaister* for woundes.
Take morrill, planten, smallage, crowsoppe*, & grinde them small, and
take the iuice, & meddle therewith flower of wheate, after that parte
it into twoe partes, & then take the one parte, & boyle it in a panne
with weathers*

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Transcribed by ALB and RMS