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Image 116, third book, folio 59a, index F (continued) to Z

The table of ye thirde booke.
To bake calves Feete after the French Q.
fashion: 55.a. To conserve Quinces: 50.b.
G. To make conserves of Quinces: 56.b.
To make Gelly for one that is sicke: To make conserves of Quinces after ye
48.b.52.b. manner of Spayne: 51.a.
To make cleare Gellye: 54.a. To preserve Quinces: 51.a.52.a.
To make greene Ginger: 56.a. To make fine Quodiniacke*, ec: 56.a.
To perfume Gloves: 57.b. R.
To perfume Gloves with cloves: 58.b. To make Rosa solis* water: 50.a.
To perfume Gloves with muske, civet*, To make suger Roset*: 56.b.
or ambergres*: 58.b. S.
To pfume Gloves in ye Roman washe: To stewe Sparrowes: 53.a.
58.a. To seethe salte Sturgeon: 54.b.
To make an oyle to perfume Gloves The order to sowce* Sturgeon: 54.b.
that will never out: 57.b. To make Syrroppe of cherries or
To make Gloves blacke, browne, or damsons: 52.a.
red: 58.a. To make Syrrop of rosa solis: 49.a.
H. To make Syrrop of roses: 57.a.
To make an Hagges* of Almayne*: T.
54.a. To make a cherry Tarte: 53.a.
J. To make a Tarte of oranges: 55.a.
To make Ipocras*: 49.b. To make a Tarte of spinage: 54.b.
K. To make Tartes of Portingall*: 53.b.
To make fine Knots, rowles, ec: 55.a. To make Lombardye Tartes: 55.b.
L. To make Toastes: 53.a.
To stewe Larkes: 53.b. To bake neates* Tongues: 54.b.
M. To dresse neates Tongues: 53.a.
Blay Manger for them that be sicke: To make Treacle*: 56.b.
To make Manus Christi*: 48.b.56.a. V.
To make Marchepayne*: 49.b.
To make good Marmalade: 56.a. To bake a cowes Udder: 54.b.
To make Marmalade of quinces: 52.b.
To make small baked Meates: 53.b. W.
To boyle Mutton: 55.b. Doctor Stephen his Water: 50.a.
N. To make damaske Water: 51.b.57.b.
O. 58.a. alias ibid.
To preserve Oranges in syrrop: 55.a. For the Water imperiall: 57.a.
To make sweete burning Perfumes: 55.b. To make sweete Water: 49.b.
To make Pescods*: 53.a.
To still a Pigge: 55.b. X.
To make suger Plate*: 49.a.
The Pottage* for the manner of Bardols
in Addington: 52.b. Y.
To make rise Pottage: 54.b.
To make Frenche Pottage: 55.a.
To make powder of violets: 51.b. Z.
To make sweete damaske Powder: 57.b.
To make sweete Powder: 57.a.alias ibid. Here endeth the table of this booke
To make Puddings with pigges liver: of cookery & other conceates, as
53.b. baked meates, gellyes, conserves,
To make a Pye of chickens: 53.a. suger plats, & others.
heere followeth

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB