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Image 115, third book, folio 59a, Receipt 99, index A to F

is of cookerye. .fo. 59.
Liber 3.
mullet* stone stirre it & mixte it well together, then put to all that 6 spoone=
fulls of good rose water & mixte them well together, then take an other faire
cleane stone & lay the gloves that you will perfume (what colour soever they be)
upon the stone, then take a cleane sponge, & dip it into your stuffe on the o=
ther stone, & all to rub your gloves with it cleane over, then blowe them full,
& hange them up to drye, & if you will goe to the cost, you may doe them so
agayne when they be drye, of what colour soever they bee, Romayne* wash or
other. You may take to a grayne of ambergres*, or of muske, or civet, if you will
not be at the cost to take all these 3 or twoe of them bycause they are deare,
you may put to a grayne of one of them so much of storax*, or beniamin*, or of
lablium*(*), or of them all if you will, so much as you shall thinke good youre
selfe, of them all, or anye one of them, & doe with them as is before sayd, &
by this meanes you may make your perfume as cheape or costlye as you
will: this is a proved waye to make verye good perfumes.
Heere endeth this booke of cookerye
and other conceates.
Heere followeth the table of this booke of cookerye
& other conceates above written.
A. To conserve Cherries, and all manner
To make past* Ale: 49.a. plomes: 50.b.
To make Aqua composita*: 49.a. 56.b. To keepe Cherries all the yeare: 51.a.
Aqua mirabilis*, & praetiosa: 50.a alias ibid.
To make Aqua vitae*: 50.b. To make Cherries in confection: 51.b.
To make conserves of Cherries: 56.b.
B. To seeth Chickens in lettice: 53.b.
To make fine washeinge Balles: 57.b. To make Conficts of all manner co=
alias ibid. loures: 48.b.
To make Bennets*: 53.a. To coloure Conficts*[*], or suger plates:
To make Bisket: 48.b. 55.b alias ibid. 49.a.
To make Blamanger*: 57.a. To make Creame of allmondes: 53.b.
To make batter Breade: 55.b. D.
To make ginger Breade: 52.a. To conserve Damsons: 50.b.
C. To preserve Damsons: 52.a.
To make shorte Cakes: 54.a To make a banquetting Dishe: 55.a.
To seeth a Carpe: 53.a. E.
To make a Cawdle* of oatemeale: 49.b. F.
To make Portingall Fartes*: 54.a.
To bake

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Transcribed by ALB and RMS