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Image 070, second book, folio 36b, receipts 247 to 252.

The seconde booke
247. To bring out the canker*.
Take red sage, make fine powder thereof, then take freshe greace molten, &
colde, myxe your powder therewith, & use it.
248. For ye fistulowe* in a womans breaste.
Take goates dunge & hony brayed* together, & lay it to ye sore, Item a mans
turd burnt & plastered, & layd thereunto, killeth the canker.
249. A remidye or medicine agaynste ye plague.
A little camphire* tempered together with rose vineger made of elder
flowers, or in the steade of them, of the buddes or leaves of elders at theire
goinge abroade*, it is good allso to take in 3 months the roots of Angelica,
avens*, elacampane*, setwell*, or gallingall*, bay berries*, or maces*, ye pils* of
oranges, lemmons, or cytrons*, likewise to carry in theire hands herbegrace*,
or wormewoode* or mynts* sprinkled with rosewater & vineger: In meats
& drinks to be very choyse*, & carefull, that they eate & drinke that which
is good & wholesome, & not corrupte, that they feede moderatelye, avoidinge
all unripe & corrupte fruits, likewise hearbes unwashed & rawe, that theire
breade be made of good corne, & not mustye, theire drinke lykewise of good
malte, & wholesome fresh water, the contrary whereof is & hath bene
a greate furtherannce of the plague. Theire brothes & other nutriments
are to be made with sorrell, betanye*, sinkefielde*, succory*, scabias*, unripe
grapes, barberries*, oranges, or lemmons, moderate exercise or labour of
the body is most conveniente, likewise as much quietnes of minde as may
be had, eschewing above all other ye fearefullnes of ye plague: if any body
finde his body repleate*, & mistrusteth the encrease** of corrupte humors*
within his bodye, it is needfull that hee resorte unto the phisition* to
understand whether it be good to purge, or not.
250. A medicine for sore eyes, ye pinne, & ye webbe*.
Take an egge, open the crowne, & put out all the meate, then take sengreene*,
stampe* it & strayne it with cleane water, & fill the egge with the same
water, & put in as much white copporis* as a small pease**, & then set your
egge in hot embers, that it may boyle, then skimme it with a feather, then
take it of the fire, & when it is colde, drop thereof into your eyes when
you goe to bed.
252. To make a man sweate.
Make posset* ale with marygolds*, cammamill*, & violets, drinke it hot, &
lye downe, & cover you warme.
252. For ye coughe, & payne in ye stomacke.
Take beaten avens, saxifrage, time, & dandalyon, of each a quarter
& put them
of an handfull, & wash them, & bruise* them in a skyllet** with a quarte**
of ale, & one

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Transcribed by KW and YR