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Image 068, second book, folio 35b, receipts 232 (contd) to 239.

The seconde booke
is of: take ye same linnen cloth, & wet it in ye same warme water, & wash
the sore softlye to clense it, & dry it agayne, & if there be in the wounde
any hollowe place, take linte*, & wet it in the warme water, & lay it in ye
hollowe place, & lay a plaster over all, & then it shalle heale all together.
this medicine hath done greate cures.
233. To drawe & heale the pricke of a nayle or thorne.
Take 2 handfull of sellendine*, as much orpine*, shred it small, & boyle it with
oyle olyffe*, & unwroughte** waxe, streyne it, & use it.
234. A medicine for a burning ague*.
Take a pottle* of water, & halfe a pinte of vineger, then take of endiffe*, suc-
corye*, violet leaves, five leaved grasse*, & strawberry leaves, of each a like
quantitye, & seeth* them to a quarte**, & put thereunto di j lb of sugar, & drinke
thereof eveninge & morninge.
235. A remedy to heale ye pestilence*, & to ?
drawe out the venyme.
Take a quicke* hen, & draw ye feathers from her arse, even from the place
that shee layeth her egs, & let her bare place sit upon her griefe*, boche* or
sore, & holde her so a good while, then shall you see that the hen will have drawne
out all, or a good parte of the poyson, & that shortlye after she will dye. It
shall be good to doe this with 2 or 3 or more hens one after another, for they
will draw all the venyme out of the sore, this done, anoynte the place with
good treacle*, & doe not in the meane time use any other medicine by ye mouth,
as ivy berries, bay berries, or any other medicine by mouthe.
236. A plaster to ripe a botch comeing
of the pestilence.
Take mallowes*[*], the roots of hollihockes, & onyons of each like much, washe
them & seeth them in water, & after bray* them in a mortar, with the pouder
of lynseede, & fenicreke*, & a good quantity of swines greace, & lay on the
plaster everye day.
237. For the same.
Take an onyon, cut out ye core, & fill it full of treacle of Jeane*, & rost** it in ye
embers, & then take 3 spoonefull of red vineger, & 6 spoonefull of the iuice*
of sorrell, & strayne the onyon, & ye iuice together, & so drinke it warme.
238. For the same.
Take one greate onyon, & open the top, & make it hollowe, & fyll it full
of pepper, & roste it very well, & grinde it in a mortar, & put thereunto
halfe a pinte of vineger, & halfe a pynte of the iuice of marygold leaves,
& strayne them all together, & give the patiente to drinke three or fowre
spoonefull warme.
239. For the chyne coughe*.
Take chineworte*,

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Transcribed by KW and YR