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Image 065, second book, folio 34a, receipts 214 (contd) to 221.

The seconde booke fo.34
Liber 2
ye crops* of woodbine* stamped**, & put it into the wine, first & last drinke
it warme: eate new breade & greene leeks 3 dayes, use ye seege*, & drinke
as afore sayde: Item breake a new loafe in the middle hot, & sprinkle
it with vineger, & lay it hot to ye navell, & it will helpe.
215. To staunche ye bleeding of a wounde.
*This comes after balme water: which is: 98
Take a peice of salte beefe both fat & leane together, as much as
you thinke will into ye wounde, & lay it on hot coales firste, & let it
rost* untill it be through hot, & hot thrust it into ye wounde, & binde it
fast to it, & it will stench* presentlye, & never runne after.
216. To make unguentum album*.
Take 2 drames of ceruse*, 2 ? of lytarge*, 2 ? of Olibanum*, 2 ? of
masticke*, make them to powder by themselves, distemper** ye ceruse wth
the oyle of roses, then put litarge to it, then ye masticke, then ye olibanu
& mingle them with a pestle in a mortar, & ever emong* put thereunto
rosewater, & when it is dronke* in, put thereunto the oyle of roses, &
stirre it well, till it be in a meane betweene thicke & thinne.
217. To make the oyle of roses.
Take 2lb of common oyle washed after ye apothecaries sorte*, put there-
unto j lb of greene roses, & an halfe somewhat drye, set a new pot upo
the fire in a caldron of water, hang your pot fast for fallinge, put
your stuffe into it, & let it boyle so longe till the third part be wasted
awaye, then strayne it through a cleane lynnen clothe: In like manner
the oyle of violets, oleum sambutium*, & oleum ciriacum* is made, ye oyles
be good agaynst sharpe sicknesses, being anoynted agaynste the liver, &
upon the outsides of the soles of the feete, & palmes of the handes.
honny of roses
218 To make oyle roset. Mel rosatum*
Take the leaves of red roses before they be full spronge out, shred them
small, & put to j lb of roses, 8lb of honye, seeth both together till ye hony
hath taken both the coloure, & savoure of the roses.
219 To make unguentum pretiosum*.
Take goose grease, & hens grease, of each like much, & 2 ? of oyle
lawrell* make it & use it: it is good for all manner payne, and it
maketh the belly laxative.
220. To make narbon* to heale all manner sores & boyles.
Take Diaculum*, put it in a panne over ye fire with oyle, & so melte
it, & styrre it tyll it be blacke, then take it from ye fire, & let it reste
a litle till the leade be fallen unto ye bottome, then powre it out softlye, that
the growndes may be lefte behinde, then let it stande till it be colde,
and then temper* it with your hands, & make small rowles thereof.
221. To make Sanguinem Veneris*
Take an ownce of alkenet*, & put it in a quarte of common oyle, & it
shall waxe as red as bloude, keep it in a pewter pot, this bloude
is good for

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