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Image 063, second book, folio 33a, remedies 202 (contd) to 210

The seconde booke fo 33
Liber 2.
For the festred gowte*.
Take & burne a roch* fishe to powder in an earthen pot, & take ye iuice** of
avens* or sage, & put it into the hole of the fester, & after fyll it with the
powder of the roche, use this medicine tyll the holes be drye, & all the
while of the healeinge, use to drinke avens.
203.To make powder for ye festred gowtes.
Take bole armoniacke*, & salte, & burne them together to powder, then
make powder of verdigresse*, pepper, white grasse*, & mustard seede,
& put your powders together, & lay them on ye sore.
204. For ye bone shave*, & all manner of aches.
Choppe an handfull of smallage*, & put thereunto a quantity of oatmeale,
a quantity of virgin waxe*, & rozen*, & fry them well together in a frying
panne, then put it into a linnen bag, & lay it to ye ache, & when it is
colde, remove it agayne, & put thereunto more waxe then rozen.
205. For all manner of aches.
Take Aquavitae*, & ye gall* of a steare*, or of an oxe, myngle them well
together, till it be an oyntment, then at even* anoynt ye place agaynste
the fire.
206. For ye crampe.
Stampe* rewe**, & mingle it with fresh butter, & keep it so 9 dayes well
covered, & boyle it, & skymme* it well, & put thereunto ye pouder of iuces[?]
& while it is hot stirre it well, & then anoynt ye crampe therewith.
207. For the bone ache in any place.
Take ale yeaste*, & anoynt the place well agaynst the fire, till it bee
dryed in by chafeinge* to & fro, then take hony & anoynt ye same place,
tyll* it be likewise dryed in, & this will supple ye bones, & do away ye ach.
208. For Sciatica passio.*
Stampe 6 or 8 figs with sowre wheate breade, or ry bread, & put there-
unto a sawcer full of mustard seede, as much vineger, & as much hony,
grinde all these in a mortar, & spreade it plasterwise on a linnen cloth,
& lay a cloth betweene ye sore & ye plaster, & use it colde to bedwarde*
209. For the same.
Take a good quantity of young childrens pisse, & let it stand in a vessell
longe, then take wallworte*, coolorage*, hearbe bennet*, cropps* of red net-
tles*, chop them small, & put them into the pysse, & let them stand 8 or 9
dayes, then strayne it through a clothe, & use it, & with that anoynt
the place, & you shall be whole.
210. Laxatives
Take burrage*, mercurye*, & 2 or 3 leaves of lorall*, & make a pynt of
wortes* therewith, & with porke sod* in ye same worts & eate them: Item
take ye iuice

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