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Image 057, second book, folio 30a, receipts 149 to 157.

The Seconde booke fo.30.
Liber 2.
149. For the same.
Take parslye, sage, wormewood*, tansye*, & a pottle* of good stale ale*, stap*
all these hearbes & put them into the ale, & seeth* it to a quarte, & drinke
thereof a good quantitye in the eveninge hot, & in the morninge colde.
150. For the same.
Make powder of the roote of gladen*, & take thereof in your meats halfe a
spoonefull at once, & ye shalbe whole or deade within 9 dayes or 9 nights.
151. For ye collicke & stone*
Take pygeons dounge*, dry it & stampe** it to powder, then take as much
fetherfewe*, or pellitory of the wall*, bruise it in your hand, & fry them
together with May butter*, then make bags, a couple, & put of this con-
fection a like quantity of them, then lay one to ye moule (I doe thinke he
meaneth the navell) & the other to the backe, right over agaynst ye other,
& within twise or thrise dressinge it will breake the stone.
152. An other for the same.
Take commyn* seed, & annyseed*, stype* them in vineger, a day & a nighte,
dry them afterward in ye winde or in the sunne, & shred thereinto ginger,
& lycoris*, eate thereof a good quantity first & laste, after yt drinke ye iuice**
of brooklime* wth good stale ale warme, & the stone will avoyde.
153. For the same.
Seeth a pownde of commyn* in a potle* of water unto a pinte, after that
put both water & ye commyn into two bags, & laye the one to the one side
& the other unto the other side contrarye, & it will help annon*.
154. For the same.
Take grumwell*, parsley, red nettles, violets, smallage*, kyrnels of che-
rystones, stampe the hearbes by themselves, & ye kyrnels by themselves,
then seeth them in whyte wine, in an earthen pot, & let it stand in ye same
pot, & so use it.
155. For the same.
Take an handfull of parsly seed & annisseed together, put them into a quart
of malmesye*, & seeth it to a pinte, when it is allmost sodden*, holde a litle
peice of white sope therein tyll it be dropped in, then put thereinto a peice
of sugar candye till it be consumed, drinke thereof warme to bedwarde*, & it
will bring away the stone with the gravell* from ye backe.
156. An other for the same.
Take the seeds of smallage*, parslye, lovage*, carraway*, grumwell*, of phili-
pendula*, the roots, kyrnels of chery stones, of every one like quantitye, beat
them to powder, drynke thereof in new wine, a spoonefull warme first & last.
157. For ye stone in ye bladder.
Take ye bloud of a foxe & plaster it about ye yarde*, & it will breake ye stone,
& the same bloud dryed & beate into powder, breaketh the stone allso, to
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