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Image 054, second book, folio 28b, receipts 121 to 129.

The seconde booke
121. For ye throate being streight* & sore.
Take motherhoofe* stampe* it & drinke ye iuice* thereof wth stale ale*, the
water of ambrosia* is good for ye liver, lungs, & hoarsenes in ye throate.
122. For all manner quinsies* & sicknes in the throate.
Seeth* an egge harde, cut it in two, & lay it unto the crowne of the heade
being shaven before, allso snayles with the shells grounde, & plastred
without shells, doe rype* & breake the quinsye with speed.
123.This medicine passeth all.
Take a childes turde or your owne, & it will help: allso columbinde*, the
hearbe or the seed dronke helpeth: also rew* sodden*, & make paste of rye
meale with it, then open the mouth of ye party, & given him to sucke, & it
shall avoyd the quinsye, & restore the speach agayne with speed, allso
shave the heade & ventouse* the heare* & it shall drawe away ye quinsies,
allso take powder of an howdes* turde burnt in a new earthen pot, mingle
it with honye, & it will destroye the quinsye.
124. For blasting ye face wth evill & corrupte ayre*.
Take the white of an hens egge roasted hard, a quarter of 1 ℥ of coppo-
ras*, grinde them well together in a brasen* mortar, that it bee like an
oyntmente, then anoynt ye face therewith, & it shall cease ye ach*, & put
away ye swellinge, & when it is allmost whole, anoynt ye face wth poppi-
licrum*, & it shall doe downe ye skinne, & bringe ease.
125. For all uncomes*, of unkinde heate, blaynes*, swellings,
& bladders, fervently burninge.
Take ye best unguentum album* & the newest, & to bedward** anoynte
therewith your face, then take liverworte* to ye quantity of an egge, being
stamped*, & lying downe, lay it to your righte side agaynst ye liver
plastred, but let it not come up to ye stomacke, bind the plaster there yt
nighte, & no longer, but use unguentum album 3 or 4 dayes and nightes, &
ever on the morrowe* wash your unguentum album awaye.
126 To doe away ye wenne* in the face.
Take blacke sope*, & unsleeked lyme* in powder, temper them together,
then make a cake of waxe, & make an hole in ye middest*, & put the sope &
lime therein, & lay it on ye wenne 8 houres, then take it awaye, & lay to
it a collop* of bacon to rayse it withall, & when the coore is out, heale
it out with healing salve.
127. To doe away a fellon* in the face.
Take woodsomer*, & pine yarrowe*, of each lyke much, grind them toge-
ther, & temper them with honye, & keep this for your salve.
128. For swellinge of ye cheekes.
Take commyn*, & dry figs, seeth the in wine, & lay a plaster thereof
to your cheekes.
129. For pymples in the face.
Washe your

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Transcribed by KW and YR