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Image 053, second book, folio 28a, receipts 112 (contd) to 120.

The Seconde booke Fo. 28
Liber 2
oyle of cadlocke* seede, let them lye 9 dayes, & then boyle them in the
same oyle, & no other licor, then wring it out through a cloth, & put it
in a glasse, & so use it.
113. A medicine for ye scabs & itche.
Take j id of the oyle of bayes, j id of quickesilver*, & kyll* it wth fastinge
spittle*, & myngle it with spittle untill it come in manner to an oyle or
water, then mixe the oyle of bayes & the quickesilver, & so well tempred
anoynt the palmes of the handes, & ye soles of ye feet of the patiente.
114. To draw out & heale ye pricke of a nayle & thorne.
Take 2 handfull of sellondine*, as much of orpine*, & cut it small, and
boyle it with oyle, & strayne it, & use it.
115. A medicine to draw out a nayle or thorne yt is
in any place of ye body, without any payne.
Take the roots of reedes that growe in ye waters, & stampe* them very
small with honye, & make a plaster thereof, & lay it to the griefe,
and it shall come out without any payne.
116. For an inwarde bruise.
Take 3 spoonefull of the powder of stone pitche*, & put it in a litle
good ale, & drinke it colde, it hath bene proved, the next daye give
him some parmacittye* to drinke.
117. A medicine to stauch blood in any cut or wounde.
Take vine leaves & dry them & make a powder of them, & put the same
powder into the wounde, & it shall staunch incontinente*.
118. For one that is benummed of his armes, legs,
or other lymmes.
Gather a basin full or twayne* of white willow leaves, & seeth* them
very well in water, then put into the leaves a good quantity of vineger
& make a plaster, & lay it to ye place benummed, & these will gather
the flesh & bloud, & make it quicke* yt was deade.
119. For one yt is benummed partly through ye palsy.
Take the first buds of an ash which are blacke, & boyle them in vineger,
& as hot as may be suffered, lay the hand & arme that is benummed, in
the same licor, & holde it in, till it be colde, doe this five or sixe times,
& you shall be whole on warrentise*
120. For him that hath lost his speech through ye palsye,
so that his mouth is drawne to his eare.
Take aquavitae*, & wash his cheekes therewith by ye fire a good while, also
take ye iuice* of lavender, & sage, & fret** well his tongne, & gummes
therewith, & it will restore his speech agayne.
For the throate

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