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Image 052, second book, folio 27b, receipts 105 (contd) to 112.

The seconde book
24 houres, then loose it a litle at one end, & as quicke as you can plucke
it of, then if the griefe goe further, lay a peice on every day to plucke
of the heare*, & when the heare is gone, then let it stand 13 dayes, and
anoynte it with mustard & honye.
106 For ye palsy in ye handes.
Take sage & seeth* it well in water, & wash your hands in that water,
& eate greate grounde mustarde with your meate, & keepe your hands
warme, especially aboute the wrestes*.
107. For the same
Make a loafe of dough, bake sage in it, & when it is hot, put it in good
ale, & drinke it.
108. An other for the same.
Take rosemarye stampe* it small, & put it into good ale or wine, & drinke
every day a good sawcer full of it by the space of 9 dayes, and it shall
destroy the palsy: or drinke it without ale if you maye.
109 For ye palsy yt maketh a man to tremble.
Take red fennell, parselye, saven*, lawrell* leaves, avens*, lavender,
hysop, borrage*, red nettles, of each an handfull, mallows*, & radishe, of
each halfe an handfull, primerose, hartstonge*, centory*, violets, well
cresses*, of each 2 handfull, as much sage as halfe your heabs els bye
waighte, wash them & shred them small, & put them into a new earthen
pot, & put thereunto a gallon of good wine, & 3 pottles* of well water, &
a pottle of good honye, let them seeth* well together, & skymme** them well,
& when it is sodden* to a gallon, then take downe your pot, heale** it and
strayne it, & doe it into a vessell well covered, & drinke thereof in the
eveninge hot, & in the morning colde, till that you be whole.
110 An oyntment for ye palsy in any member*.
Take cowslips, primerose leaves, red nettles, & mustard seed, well beaten
together, boyle them well with fresh butter, then strayne them through a
lynnen cloth, & put it into a boxe, & anoynte ye place where the palsy is
agaynst the fire.
111. An other for ye same.
Take the leaves of lawrell*, cammamyll*, sage, suthernwood*, hysop*, cow-
slyps, primerose, tunhowe*, rednettles, ivye, wormewood*, slyten*, wilde
madther*, sentorye*, loveage*, scabeas*, femytorye*, saverye*, rosemarye,
pellytory*, of each like muche, bray* them all in a mortar, & put thereunto
oyle olyffe*, & May butter** well tryed***, of each like much, boyle it well, &
wring it through a cloth & put into a pot, & use it at your neede.
112. An other for ye same.
Take primerose, cowslips, sage, lavender, cadlocke*, of each like much,
that is an handfull of each, stampe them & lay them in fuske*, with the
oyle of cadlocke

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Transcribed by KW and YR