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Image 051, second book, folio 27a, receipts 98 (contd) to 105.

The Seconde booke. fo.27
Liber 2.
selfe, for that is ye best, & after ye same first halfe is stilled as neare
as yon can gesse* is stilled**, take away the fire, for ye space of halfe an
houre, & then adding to agayne a fast fire to the rest you may make there-
of what you can, which wilbe in ye whole but a quarte, & that is the most
it will yeilde. * ——————————————————-Looke 215 wch should
come in heere.
99. A good salve yt is both a clenser & an healer & will
cease the akeing of woundes that be rankeled*.
Take the iuice* of smallage**, petty morrall**, & planten** of each like much,
then take stiffe honye, the white of egges, of each like much, & as much
mixe of the hearbes as will goe into an egge shell, & then put thereunto
very fayre wheate flower, & meddle them well together, & let it come
neere no fyre in any wise.
100. A good medicine for a mans heade yt is broke, & ye
bone fallen between ye rymme*, & ye panne*.
Take fayre womans milke of a man childe, & take a fine soft scarfe,
& wet it ??? therein, & stype* ye wounde therewith, & though ye milke
fall downe betweene ye rymme & the pan, it is comfortable for ye sicke
man, then give him to drinke of the iuice* of egrimonye**, & it shall cast out
the bones within three dayes.
101. For wounds yt stinke, & are miskepte.
Take masticke*, & make powder thereof , & doe it into ye wounde, & it
shall doe away the stench presentlye, & doe it very much good.
102. A very good medicine for deafenes.
Take an handfull of alehooffe*, an handfull of hysop*, an handfull of red
sage, an handfull of the hearbegrace*, & boyle them in fayre water
in an earthen pot, & cover it with a tunnell*, & as it boyleth put the
small end of the tunnell in your eare, & by the grace of god it shall help.
103. An other for ye same.
Take a greene oaken sticke, & put it into ye fire, & take ye dropinge of the
same sticke, & dippe blacke wooll in the same, & put ye woll into your
eare, & that is good for the heareinge.
104. Agaynst ye colde of the heade, ye sorenes of the
necke & shoulders, ye dullnes of ye sight, ye my-
grime*, want of stomacke to meate, all which
cometh of the colde rume*.
Take stanning lye*, such as you use to wash your head withall, and put
thereunto bayes, sweete margerome*, cloves, & maces, & nutmegs beaten,
boyle all these in ye ly & wash your head therewith luke warme, & wth warm
cloths agaynst ye fire, rub your head & dry it, & it shall ease you.
105*. For ye white scaule**.
Take a piece of a tawed* sheeps skinne, cut it in long slices of an inch
broade, then spreade stone pitch* upon it, & lay it to ye sore, & let it be
24 houres, then

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Transcribed by YR and KW