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Image 046, second book, folio 24b, receipts 61 to 67

The seconde booke fo
61. For the collicke, stone, & strangurye*
Take a quarte of new milke, put into it an handfull of persly* wel bruised
& a quantity of pellitory of the wall*, bruise it & put it into ye milke, & seeth*
them well together, then take a quantity of vergesse, & make a posset*, & let it
stand well covered one quarter of an howre*, & then put the posset ale from ye
curde into a vessell agayne, then put into the same ale the like quantity of
hearbes as afore, & beate halfe an ounce of parslyseed, scrape a quarter of an
ounce of castell sope, and a good quantity of stone honye*, & boyle all these in
the same ale the space of one quarter of an howre, & then strayne it into
a fayre pot, & give the patient to drinke thereof evening and morninge.
62. A medicine for ye migryme*.
Take a handfull of angiltothes (?) wormes, an handfull of sengreene, bray*
them together fine, & stirre into them ye white of 2 egges, & thicke it with
wheate flower, that it be like batter, & stryke it upon a double linnen cloth,
& lay it to the temples & foreheade, & so let it lye till it loose of his owne
63. A medicine for a bruise.
Take ye bloude of a pigge, & as much vineger, ye crummes of leavened bread
& boyle them together till they be thicke, & lay it hot to the bruise, & it will
helpe it.
64. To breake and heale a fellon*
Take the growndes of ale, & as much vineger, the crummes of leavened bread
& a little honye, & boyle them together tyll* they be thicke, & lay it to ye ioynte**
where the fellon is, & it will make it whole.
65. For ye same.
Take red sage, & white sope, & bruise them well together, & lay it to the
fellon & it will kyll it.
66. A water for ye biteing of a mad dog.
Take scabeas, matfellin, yarrowe, nightshade*, wilde sage, & the leaves of
white lillies, of each a like quantitye, & still* them in a common still, & give
a quantity of 3 or 4 spoonefull of the same water myngled with halfe a
spoonfull of treacle, to any man or beaste within 9 dayes after he is bitten,
& for lacke of the water, take ye iuice* of these hearbes with treacle, & by
Gods grace it shall helpe.
67. To keepe the sore that is bitten of a
mad dog from ranklinge*.
Take dittan*, egrymonye*, & resty** bacon, & beate them all together, & lay it
to the sore, & it will keepe it from ranklinge.
68. To kill wormes in the bellye.
Take j lb of the oyle of lynseede, & a quarterne* of ye gum of a pine aple tree**, and
bray the gum finely in a mortar, tyll it be powder, then myxte ye powder with
the oyle, & make it hot at ye fire, & therewith anoynte first the moulde* of the
heade, then ye temples, & after the throate, & so ye breaste, & last of all ye belly
of the diseased partys, & chafe every part till ye oyntmente be dronke in, and doe
this evening & morninge for ye space of two dayes, & it will helpe.
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