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Image 044, second book, folio 23b, receipts 51 (contd) to 55.

The seconde booke
the oyle a litle quantitye, & stirre it together, then take white leade to a galls
of oyle allmost a quarter of a pounde of white leade, & put it thereunto,
or cuttle bone* & allwayes stirre it fast: then take a quiddell bone such as gold smythes
doe occupye, & shave it thereunto, & stirre it allwayes til it be white, for
the longer it is stirred, the better it is, & thereof will be a good oyntment,
but if you will have it fine, put thereunto camphire*, lytarge** of silver, &
lytarge of golde, oyle olliffe*, oyle of lynseed, & oyle of roses. This
oyntment is good to anoynte all hot sores, scabbes, festews, cankers, &
all other hot woundes.
52. To make Diaculum*,
Take virgin waxe, red, & white leade, of every like muche, virgin waxe
heales, red drawes, & white leade is colde, melte all these together, and
let it coole, & make it in rowles & use it.
53 An implaster of bay berries.
Take of fine frankencense, masticke, & myrrhe, of each an ownce, the
berries of the bay tree 2 ownces, of cypers* rost a quarter of an ownce, take
of clarifyed honye, as much as will suffice to make it, then spread it on
a clothe, & lay it on ye place grieved: This medicine is most excellet againste
the dropsye, & to asswage* all swellings of winde, if you will triple ye quan-
titye of cypers, & put into ye plaster a litle quantity of cowe dunge or
goates donnge, it doth allso asswage all griefes, yt come of cold & winde,
cheifelye the payne of the stomache, bellye, vaignes, bladder, & matrix.
54 A special good medicine for an ache. Mr Horners.
Mr Horner Take a pound of Swage*, j lb of herbe grace, & di j lb of bay leaves, j lb of worme-
wood, 2 lb of mellilot* j lb of cammamyll**, & put to every pound of hearbes j lb
of sewet*, & to every 14 lb of hearbes & sewet one gallon of sweet sallet oyle,
let all your hearbes be beaten by themselves, & then put them into a great
tray or vessell, & scrape in the sewet,& myngle it as you doe pye meate,
then beate them in a brazen mortar, tyll there be no sewet seene, then put it
into an earthen pot, & put in your oyle, & styrre it well, & stop it with claye,
& set the pot in ye ground a yarde deepe, & lay some planke or borde over ye
pot, for saveinge ye pot from ye wayghte of the earthe, & let it there bee
buryed 15 dayes, & then take it up & put it into a panne, & seeth it over
stirring it, & when it hath sd one howre, then take it of & strayne it into
a close pot, & keepe it to your use.
55 A special good salve for any sore or wounde.
Take 2 lb of mellilot, j lb of rybwerte*, j lb of planten, j lb of valerian, j lb of sage.
Mr Horner* yarrowe, & beate them everye sorte by themselves, & take to every pownde
of hearbes j lb of sewet scraped. & beate them all together, & put them into a
pot, & put to every 14 lb of hearbes & sewet one galllon of sweet sallet oyle,
& use it in m?closeinge, strayninge, seethinge, styrring, & buryinge, as is
above written for ye oyntemente, & put to everye 14 j lbof herbes & sewet,
3 lb of waxe, & 5 lb of rozen*, & so streyne it into a pot, & keep it close for
your use: This salve last written, tempered* with mercurye, precipita**
till it be coloured somewhat red, will eate out anye proude or dead fleshe,
out of anye wounde, & afterwarde the salve will heale it.
A Speciall good

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