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Image 040, second book, folio 21b, Receipts 29 (contd) to 36.

The seconde booke.
stande under the grounde 9 dayes & stop the pot close, then take it up & put
into the pot of virgin waxe di j lb a £*, & a pinte of neates foot oyle, & then put ye
same pot into a pan of water, & set it on ye fire, & let it seeth in the same water
8 howres, then strayne it & keepe it for your use.
30. For all manner of sores.
Take bullen waxe*, waxe, flower, turpentine, oyle, sheepes tallowe, or deares
sewet, of each like much, the iuice* of buglosse**, the iuice of smallage, and a
quantitye of rosen*[*], & boyle all together well with a softe fire, stirre them
allwayes tyll they bee well mingled & the greenenes of the iuice gone, then
take it from the fire agayne, & let it cook a litle while, & then strayne it
through a cloth into a fayre vessell, this will heale sores & wounds of warretise
31. For ye megrime, dropsye, & fever in the heade.
Take pellitory of Spayne,* ye weighte of 4d**, an ob worts of Spikenarde
& stampe* them together & seeth** them in vineger, & after that take a sawcer
full of mustard seed, & a spoonefull of honye, & when the licor is colde yt was
{a good quantity of sodden, put the hony & mustard into the licor & let ye patient take halfe a
{barlye, & seeth it spoonefull at a time & holde it in his mouth 2 creede whiles*, & after spit
{in a quantity of it out into a cleane basin: or else take* & other hearbes that bee good for
{water,a good while the heade, & when they be well boyled, take them out & wrap them in
{& put thereunto a fayre clothe, & lay them unto the heade of the patiente.
{betonye 32. For akeinge of an hollowe toothe.
Take a ravens turde, & put it in the hollow toothe & it shall breake the
tooth & kyll ye ache & to make a tooth fall out, take ye flower of cockell seede*
& put it into the hollowe toothe, & it will helpe you.
33. To make teeth stand faste.
Take the roots of verven* & seeth it in olde wine, & wash ye teeth therewith.
34. For ye perilous coughe.
Take white horehounde* & stampe it & wringe out the iuice,& mingle it wth honye
& seeth it,& give it the sicke to drinke,or take a garlike heade, & rost it in ye fire,
& then take awaye ye pelinge* & eate the rest with honye, Or else take rewe,
sage, commyn, & the powder of pepper, & boyle all these in honye, & make
thereof a lectuarye *, & take a spoonefull thereof in ye morninge, & an other at
35. To heate or slake ye pennans*: or goute.
Take the water of colverage *, & anoynte the goute therewith, agaynste ye fire,
or take a quarterne* of the powder of commyn, with a good quantity of his
owne water, that is grieved with the goute, so that it be cleane, & a good
quantity of sheepes tallowe, & frye it well in a pan, & anoynte a linnen
cloth therewith, & lay the same thereunto as hot as he may suffer it, & so
doe till he be whole, for it is a good medicine.
36. For one yt hath lost his speeche in his sickenes.
Take ye iuice of sage & primeroses, & put it into his mouth, & hee shall
speake, for this hath bene proved: or else take mouseare* & stampe** it, & give
it the sicke to drinke, with wine, or wth water, & hee shall speake annon:
or els take them

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Transcribed by LF and JW