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Image 009, folio 3a, A Prognostication; astrological weather forecasting

A prognostication fo.3
a cloude, signifyeth rayne. Further, the Sunne at the setting playnelye seene
without any cloude, declareth a fayre nighte to ensue.
Heere note, Ptolome* willeth we diligentlye to observe the circle, or circles aboute
the sunne. If it be cleare, and the circle of no continuance, beholde fayre weather:
If manye of them, winde.
Windes more vehemente ore signified, if that the circles bee somewhat red, heere and
there broken: but these obscured, thicke, and blacke, looke for colde, winde, and snowe.
What is spoken of the sunne, touching the circles, the same is ment of ye moone.
Note heere that greater windes chaunce in the daye, then in the nighte.
How weather is declared by the colour of the moone,
and by the nature of the signe wherein shee is.
If the moone in the third of her chaunge, yea, three dayes before the full, or in the
middes of the quarter bee founde of pure lighte, nothing compassinge her, the ende
direct up, shee promiseth fayre weather, but bent to red colour, provoketh
winde. The moone pale or somewhat outlined to blacke, obscure or thicke, threat-
neth rayne.
Allso by the nature of the sygne, weather my be iudged, thus accordinge to Stefleri-
nus, Monte regius, Leupoldus, and famous Guido Bonatus*, with others well travailed
in the mutations of ayre.
Hote* Consider the nature of the signe where the moone is at the chaunge, quarter and
Earthye full. If shee bee it hot and dry signed, as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, in winter a
Airye good token of fayre weather: In summer a greate signification of immoderate heate:
Watrie if in earthye, colde and drye signes, as Taurus, Virgo, and Capricornus, in winter
iudge colde, froste, and snowe to ensue: but in summer temperate weather. In ayry
and windy signes, as Gemini, Librar, and Aquarius, much winde. If in watry, colde
and moyste signes, as Cancer, Scopio, and Pisces, in winter wet weather: In
summer a pleasaunte temperature.
Allso, the sunne in Aquary: the moone at the chaunge there, or in Sagittarie, or at
the full in Leo, betokeneth rayne. The sunne in Pisces or Aries: the moone in Virgo,
Libra, or Sagittarie, signifieth rayne, especiallye in watrye dwellings. The moone
in Aquarius or Pisces, looke for chaunge of weather, then chiefely shee tronblesth ye
ayre. The moone allso at the chaunge, or rather at the full, in Aries, Libra, Scor-
pio or Pisces, tempestuous weather followeth. The Sunne in Aquary, in Aries, Libra,
or Scorpio, but chiefely in Leone: the moone then at the full, and that after rayne or
mislings, looke for lightninge, thunder, &c. To conclude, the moone in Cancer, Leo,
Capricornus, or Aquarius, ayded, with anye aspecte, but chieflye with opposition
or quadrat of Venus, rayne followeth.
The iudgment of ye Weather
by starres.
Beholde the starres whose magnitude you know best. If they appeare of much
lighte, in bignes greate, more blasenge then they are commonly it betokeneth
great winde or moysture in that parte where they shewe: in winter, colde &
froste. When starres seeme to runne in the elements, it sheweth wind. Afirme
allso alteration

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