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Document 116, p 2

Henry Errington Esqr
Nov 17th {Journey to London respecting Hexham Bridge }
{and stay there until the 23rd December. Got home on the}
{27th December being absent 41 days }
{To chaisehire and Expces up and down
{N.B Mr Airey accompanied me but I paid the
{whole Expences
Feb 23rd {Journey again to London on the same $A[ccot$?]
{and absence from home till 14th day of
{March- inclusive being 19- Days
{To a Moity of chaisehire & Expces up and down
{N.B Mr Donkin pd the other Moity
{Wch place I left on the 5 June and went to
{Leeds but inasmuch as I left Town in the
{Evg it wod have been the 8th before I coud
{have got home – in all 24 days
{To chaisehire and Expces up & down
{N.B. Mrs & Miss Heron went with me

Note: Summary sheets of expenses, p 2

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