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Document 112, letter from Mr Letteney to Mr Heron, 18 April 1789

R.A. Heron Esq 219
Newcastle upon Dr Sr
Tyne Scott & Allgood. I’ve just now rec’d the inclosed in
time to save the post
Errington v Aynsley & ors. In consequence of Mr Sol’r
General & Mr King’s opinion, at a Consultation the Court
is to be moved, on Tuesday next that the Plt may
have to the last day of E. Term to pay the 4000L
and that he may be at liberty to pay it into the
Bank in the name of the Accot Genl to the Credit of
the Cause but without prejudice to his right of appl’g
to the Court in the mean time, for a rehearing in
case he should be so advised by his Councell. You must
know that when this cause was heard the Chr
dropt a few words intimating that the "Issue shoud
have been wher Mr E had not engaged to do an
impossible thing"- The Sol’r Gen’l was absent, at
the hearing and the chief object of the intended
motion is to trye whether the Chanr will recom’d
an Appl for a Rehearing I am
Dr Sr
Yrs J. Letteny
18th April 1789

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