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Document 109, Letter from Mr Letteney to Ralph Heron, 13 August 1788

R.A.Heron Esq 216
Newcastle upon Tyne
Errington & Aynsley & ors I received yours this Morning
on my return from Ramsgate where I have been for a
fortn’t. As the verdict is for 4000l generally, I shou’d
imagine that will be the sum demed to be paid to the
County and tho’ Costs commonly follow Dams yet, under all
the Circs of this Case we may hope to be excus’d
The Cause must come on before the Chancellor and
will be set down for hearing next Term, but prob’y
not heard ’till the Sittings after Term. I am
Dr Sr
Yrs J Letteney
13 August 1788

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